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I want to know if it's still possible. I read a lot about it a few months ago, but didn't have any money to test PPC out. I've come back and have around 1000 dollars to invest. Since I'm new I don't want to get into list building as I find it more harder and complicated than simple using an affiliate link and earning good commissions and profit from that.

I want to ask if you people are still banking with affiliate link and PPC.
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    Of course it's possible to bank from PPC without list building.

    PPC is all about optimising your campaigns to the point where your earnings per click are higher than your cost per click. Once you achieve that then you are in profit.

    Building a list at the same time often boosts your earnings per click because you can re-target that visitor, so it's recommended for maximum profit, but certainly not necessary.
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    Hi tayyab123,

    Yes, of course, everything is easier doing less work, but as a general rule, everything is less profitable when you do not put in the work required to maximize profits. So as long as you are willing to make pennies on the dollar, you can pursue the "lazy marketer" method.

    Whether or not you can do that profitably depends a great deal on the niche, your supplier, and most importantly your competitors.

    For example, if all of your competitors have found a way to increase the value of a click by using list building, or other more advanced techniques, then you are unlikely to be able to make you offer profitable unless you have some other advantage, like a superior cost basis, or a superior marketing strategy.

    It's important to remember hat you are in a competition. Your competitors are going to strive to beat you in nearly every way possible. If you have many competitors you will need to step up your game or just forget about it.

    The bottom line is that anything that increases the value per click will improve your competitiveness and you must win, at least part of the time, to make money. This is 2017, you aren't likely to win much using simple unsophisticated effortless strategies that played out 10 years ago.

    Don Burk
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    I do not believe that PPC is good for affiliate marketing for many reasons:
    google doesn't like this type of advertising (may want to check their T&C),
    google doubled (or worse) prices after last year changes (ie: no rightcolumn),
    it takes a lot of time and money to optimize (months not days),
    PPC is also a long time commitment as you must be willing to lose money to learn if you have even a chance,
    I do not know your country but if it is USA or EUROPE (or similar) do not even try as 1000$ is a monthly budget at best (as opose to total budget).
    If this 1000$ is not your pocket money which you can loose without pain - also do not try.
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    The world of technology has taken over the way you make money online and having a list is the best way to capture the sell because if they dont buy from you the first time as long as you have a way to sell to them again they will buy. always use email list when using ppc just go hand in hand try to gain trust right away with your system that's in place hopefully you have one?
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    List building is not a tough process. There are 5 simple steps that you need to follow to execute the process of list building of PPC- use Google keyword tool, make a list of common prefixes and suffixes, do research, build your ad campaign and use Adwords editor.
    However, if you want to avoid list building, you can move forward with Lead-Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or Email Marketing. These are some of the most effective methods of PPC to drive traffic to the website. If you can't carry out this process by your own, you can take the help of a PPC agency like Techmagnate. I have availed their services and no doubt that have run a successful ad campaign.

    Jhelum Sen, Sr. Content Marketing Executive

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    you can, just make sure you have a good product and good keywords. rid of negative keywords that is not going to buy from your offer. Ex. "free" those people who searching for free their not gonna buy your offer
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