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Hey there!

I want to start my CPA marketing & promote it with bing. but it seems like they've banned it in Pakistan. I know people are using Virtual CC & coupons on vpns but most of them are getting banned. if you're from Pakistan please guide. If not, help me anyways. Please!

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    I think you should buy a VPS in the US and have your relatives open accounts in the United States for you to pay. But there is a problem that you should assign this to someone you trust enough.
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    I didn't know they were banned in Pakistan.
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    As you are from Pakistan ,,, you need to promote only YouTube and Facebook as well because it is easy for you to make simple videos on YouTube to promote. Bing ads for Pakistan is difficult and i have some friends from your side who asked me same your thread but they have done what I mentioned here.

    Good luck

    Saheem is my name and google is my game

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    hi just contact bing ads support team and chat with them it will solve your problem in within 24 hours
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