I would like your opinion about services like NeoBux, Clicksense

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Hi everyone,

I think using a service like Twodollarclick, NeoBux, Clicksense ... to promote a method that explains how to build a profitable business on internet.
Does anyone ever use such services to get leads ?

Thank you for your opinion
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    Among the three, I only tried the Twodollarclick service. Like majority of users, I am one of them that thinks the site is a scam and is a waste of time. Imagine sitting at the comfort of your home and clicking advertisements all day just to get the minimum amount. Plus there is no help support response when you are nearing your quota mark or your pending payment earnings.
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    Thank you very much for your honest review According to you, what would be the smartest way to advertise a such product ?
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    I'm familiar with Click-Sense, but can't say I have had any results really. Perhaps it just didn't work for me, which doesn't necessarily mean it's a waste of time.

    Be very cautious with paid traffic packages though, because most of these visitors are not really targeted. Some are even bot generated!

    This will just result in a high bounce rate, and completely defeat the purpose.

    Deon Christie

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      Thank you very much for those great advices The Author Like a lot of people here on warrior forum, I am struggling in driving trafic to an offer. Understand that I am absolutely not looking for shortcuts but I would like to know a good method to attract qualified visitors. I read about these services and just wanted to ask for honest opinions from advanced marketers like you. May I ask what works the best for you ?
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    I tried getting leads through Clicksense last year. I followed a WSO which I purchased. Spent like $50 for traffic to test it. Yeah sure my ad got hundreds of thousands of clicks but I only got like less than 10 optins (who never really opened my emails). I didn't dare to try out the others (Neobux, Twodollarclick, etc.) as I assumed they're all the same.
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    May I ask what works the best for you ?
    Advertising on Bing.
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    I know someone that uses neobuxs to get paid to view ads, I don't think he has ever made a purchase by viewing an ad. He has around $6,000 in that account the last time I checked, but only a $1,000 of that is profit and it was over the course of almost a decade.

    I would say it is a bad proposition either way.

    Nothing for sale. Just trying to learn and help.

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