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by Elizabeth Cyril 4 replies
Hello Can anyone suggest the best landing page for PPC in joomla?
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    The basic idea behind using a CMS, like Joomla, Wordpress, etc. is that you can create your own pages without having to know how to code. You can use Joomla to build your own landing page, you just need to add the content you want and start testing.

    This article makes some great suggestions for what to put into your Joomla Landing page:


    Don Burk
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    • Hi Burk

      thank you for the reply. In fact i look for the best extension in joomla for creating a lead generation or click through (for PPC) landing page. Do you have any idea?
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  • The "best" landing page is one that converts your visitors at a high rate. This is independent of whether it's organic traffic or PPC. It's also independent of what tool is used to create your page, whether Joomla, Dreamweaver or any of the many other software and CMS tools being used, including hand coding.

    What you need to do is NOT worry about a template to use (which is what I think you are really asking) but what you will say on your page that will make a visitor - coming from PPC or other methods - that they should buy from you and not a competitor. Most people miss this completely. They get lots of SEO traffic but it doesn't convert, because doing SEO is more for search engines than for visitors, hence they convert less. They may get good quality traffic with PPC at a reasonable cost but they send this traffic to the wrong page or a page that simply does not inspire visitors to buy or do whatever they want that traffic to do.

    Show them an offer they can't refuse, show that you provide more value than the next site and you'll do well. A lot of people here say their PPC is great, just what people want but drop the ball by not closing the sale once they click. It doesn't matter what CMS or template you use, if your words on the page don't inspire, those clicks are just going to look elsewhere.
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