Is $.83 per Page Like on Facebook good?

by mattsteinman 7 replies
I ran an engagement ad for 24 hours for $5, just to see the type of activity I would get. Over that 24 hour period, I received 6 new page likes for my business page.

In the end, I paid $.83 for a Page Like.

Is this good? Room for improvement?
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    by the first... for what do you need "like" on Facebook? Paying for "like" is a nonsense. You will not grow your biz by "like" but by the quality of the products/services you offer. All, also actors, football players, politics, etc are buying tons of fake like from the click farms....
    Anyway 0,83 usd for like is a terrible high price!!!
    good luck!
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      The point was to raise awareness and then retarget them with my services/ads.
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    At least use them to build a similar audience in ads then, point all your ads toward the similar audience which should be larger than 6 people.
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  • I think paid buying is not good.
    Thanks !! Sara
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    I'm fiddling with FB ads right now and it is suggesting I pay $3.12 for my page likes. With that perspective, I'd say that's pretty good. Of course, I don't know what you're conversion process is like. But still, beats my suggested price by a mile.
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    A better suggestion would be to run video ads on FB (Get Views Objective). Here's why... an engaging 2min video would cost you around .01 - .04 per view. I've actually ran video ads that cost me as low as .001 per view. Not only do you get penny clicks... you get "likes" "shares" & "comments" as well.

    Here's the best part... FB is actually building you a list of everyone that views your video so that you can Retarget and create LookaLike Audiences later.

    In addition to that... if done correctly, you can setup your ad so that you will not get charged until your audience has viewed at least 10 seconds of the video.

    I have a great blog post on FB video marketing if you're interested!

    Good luck!
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    I usually get page likes for under $0.40 each, but that is on ad buys of at least $500 per month. They usually start higher and then drop down.

    Your target demographics will play a big role in that.

    $5 is not enough to base anything on.
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