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I have the basic idea about Google Adwords. I need step by step successfully campaign for affiliate marketing. Can I earn money from Google Adwords campaign using affiliate marketing? I hope that expert will help & provide me step by step guide.
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    Hi kulsumsultana,

    If you are a beginner, don't start affiliate marketing on Google. They're very strict and you will likely get banned. Start you affiliate marketing on Bing. Know the basics first, get it working and then learn the rules of Google.

    Hope this helps!

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      I completely agree with @voltaireoss. I would suggest playing with bing first as well. However, you're going to find less success there.

      Remember the demographics of bing and the person behind a bing search. You can assume several things:

      Bing is the default search engine of microsoft browsers. I.e. internet explorer and edge browsers.
      1) brand new computers without chrome and firefox
      2) non tech forward users who install 3rd party browsers
      3) public and shared computers i.e. library, coffee shops and college computer labs
      4) nearly 0 mobile searches occur on bing as its not the default search
      5) ...

      That should give you a good idea of why bing clicks are less expensive.

      The list above goes on and on. Bing can be a fantastic option if you're product or service rings true with the aforementioned searcher profile.

      Good stuff - good luck! CRUSH IT!
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    Absolutely! Google Adwords has been my main source of income for the past 8-9 years, allowing me to live around the globe and work from everywhere.
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      I think that you provides me full Adword learning process. Thanks your valuable time.
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    Hey, kulsumsultana if you plan to start Googlr Adwords using affilate marketing you must have experinace of google Adwords firstly i recommand you go for experince. After that you got certification from google for google adwords then your think about the Google Adwords campaign using affiliate marketing. Better Luck for future ..
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  • Before anyone starts advertising on Adwords, affiliate or not, I recommend reading their policies and understanding them thoroughly before jumping in. Not doing this is a major reason people run into problems that can be easily avoided.

    By the way, you don't need to be certified. This is just for managers like me selling their knowledge and service to others and will be of no value to you.
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    I would Highly recommend go and take a course on adword before jumping inside the affiliate Marketing ....
    because according to me ... you only learned adwords basics and dont know how to optimize and resolve your problems .....

    SO go and first take a course ..... and then jump with you money left in adwords .....
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    Hi kulsumsultana,

    You need to learn AdWords from AdWords. They have a great set of resources for learning all about AdWords. And, as Lucid pointed out, the main thing people get into trouble with in AdWords is failing to read and understand their policies.

    AdWords doesn't just post policies that they hope you follow, they will hold you accountable to all of their policies, they take each and everyone of them very seriously. So make sure you read and understand all of their policies before starting out, especially if you are doing Affiliate marketing.

    Many merchants in affiliate programs do not adhere to AdWords policy and as an advertiser you must not try to promote their products or services on AdWords. Google will hold you personally responsible for any violations committed by the merchants that you decide to promote on AdWords, so vet your merchants carefully.


    Don Burk
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    Learn AdWords from Google is fine. But once you know AdWords, Google is no longer of any use. That's because you need to go beyond the Google Best Practices if you want to be really successful with AdWords. Especially if your in a high CPC market.

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    There are many resources of learning Google Adwords. You can read articles and watch videos. I am a Google Adwords expert and I gather most information from internet. I suggest you to take a look on these complete guide of Google Adwords. Hope you will find it helpful
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    1. If you run a campaign for your affiliate marketing , you can get money. And also you have choose suitable campaign , placements and keywords these things important sources for run a campaign
    2. One more suggestion, For affiliate marketing no need to run campaign, Participate in social media groups and communities.
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