Tracking platforms to track clicks and conversions?

by chini
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Hi guys I have a large number of articles which link to click bank and other affiliate products. Majority of the traffic is organic (SEO).

I want to start tracking performance to specifically answer these two questions:
1) How much of that organic traffic is converting to clicks and traffic to the affiliate products/services. Why? So I can how content is performing in terms of sending clicks to the programs.''

2) Then the number of clicks to conversions. Why? So I can track the actual conversion rate and see if the products/services to check the performance of all products and services I'm promoting.

I was wondering are there any recommended tracking platforms to do this and ways to measure performance across a range of different affiliate programs from one single dashboard?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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    There are many tracking platforms like this - prosper202, cpvlab, voluum, thrive
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    Prosper 202 was free. I think they also now gone paid but its not much costly. The other option is cpvlabs. Has-offers is best among all but it is a bit higher on the cost if you can afford.
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    You can use Quality Click Control or Click Magick...

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    I've played with many trackers and analytics tools. For SEO traffic you can use google analytics and bemob as they have LP scripts to track organic visitors.

    1- ga you'll be able to track organic to conversion point with goals with conversion scripts. With bemob you'll be able to track all organic and paid traffic to conversion point with postback/pixel conversion tracking. You'll be able to see why and what converted with a/b split testing down to device type screen resolution.

    2-with both suggested above, you'll be able to see the conversion rate and make optimizations decision accordingly with the data you gather. With bemod you'll be able to set up paths/rules and redirect visitors for better performance of your campaigns.

    Most trackers will show you in one dashboard. For path steps type campaigns i suggest using GA, imobitrax or bevomedia. They have great reporting dashboards on multiple e steps path campaigns.

    Let us know what you decided to use ?
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  • Hi chini ..
    Just go through the below link, I hope this may help you.
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