SEO, SMO and PPC what is most important for more website traffic

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i am working on web development company website actually i have done the SEO (on-page & off-page) both and also active on social Media but nothing works for leads right now am thinking for PPC adword but i am in lit bit confusion it will be beneficial for my website or not.
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    Yes, Opting for PPC proves very beneficial to increase web traffic. The only problem with PPC is that it is paid service whereas SEO and SMO are free services. But, you still improve your traffic by doing only Off-Page SEO.
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    Well seo brings good trafic but its tedious and you must have a lot of patience .PPC brings fast trafic but you can loose money

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    Hi Rajwinderk,

    All 3 of those channels are going to cost you resources in the form of time, expertise, and/or money. So don't buy into the notion that any of it is free, because it is not.

    How much you should invest in each channel will vary based on your niche, your marketing strategy, and your available resources.

    PPC will generate the quickest results and often the greatest results over the long run, however because it is immediate and highly effective you are likely to have a lot of competition, which may not only increases the cost, but also the expertise required to effectively compete. If you have the time and resource to learn it you can do it yourself. Or, consider hiring a PPC ad agency to get the instant expertise needed to be competitive within your niche.

    SEO can often provide a higher ROI in the long-term, but generally takes much more upfront investment and a much longer window of time to reach break-even on your investment. Again, a certain amount of expertise must be acquired to make this channel successful, many have tried and failed. A really good agency will typically get you results faster but there are many SEO agencies that lack the proper expertise, or use unethical business practises, so be careful when hiring an SEO agency. Some will use your funds to build their own network and as soon as you stop paying they remove all the backlinks they control. This negates the opportunity to reach the higher ROI potential that is possible if you do it yourself, or hire a more ethical agency.

    SMO, can be effective for certain types of niches where your target audience is very active in social media groups. SMO can be great for amplifying your brand message among your fan base. For most industries social media will generate only a tiny fraction of website traffic (~5%) for the niche, so in many cases it is only good for supplemental traffic generation and cannot be used exclusively if you intend to get a significant share of the market. And, in some cases, especially where brand is not important, SMO may be wholly ineffective.

    Whatever you decide, you should always take into account where your target audience usually goes to find your product or service, and make sure you can be easily found where they are most likely to seek you out.

    Also, consider using a strategy where you engage your target audience in multiple channels because many of you competitors are already doing this and your visibility and reach will be diminished if you are absent wherever people are expecting to find you.


    Don Burk
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    SEO, SMO & PPC all these have their quality. SEO is for quality link building as well as ranking. SMO is for online promotion and engagement of customer towards the post and PPC is for paid ads which is very powerful technique of bring business at very high cost with quality. All of them play vital role to bring website traffic which helps to get more businesses.
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      Actually, I have created many quality links for my website but nothing works well to generate leads if you have something suggestion for organic traffic and any new idea for generating traffic then please share with me.
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    What is difference between Facebook Ad Accounts & Advert Accounts?

    I want to know what is the difference between Ad Accounts and Advert Accounts?
    Because I have created 2 account, One is showing 'Advert Accounts' and second one is showing 'Ad Accounts'.

    Please make clear difference between 'Ad Account' and 'Advert Accounts'.
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    from my point of view SEO is the best way because all are targeted traffic but you need to wait a certain time for getting traffic
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      yes I know its take time but I want to do something new in off-page what should I do because I have already done Articles, Blogs, Social bookmarking, profile submissions, PPT submissions and directory Submissions, can you suggest me something new
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    Hello Rajwinderk,
    I read out your Problem If You have done the On-page of your site if you want to get sale or client then you can prefer PPC or Google Adwords. if you are going for a Traffic then Please I want to suggest you do social Media.
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    Try to go to communities and freelancer sites - its faster way to get clients, start with low price then after you get trust and feedback - increase your price for web-development on ad-words can cost you 10-20 dollar per click..
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    you should wait for result seo result didn`t appear right now it take some times to make effitive on your site but if you make aggod seo as google like it make it appear faster than usually it take from 2-4 months sometime more
    just keep work and wait and you will see agood result
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    I think the most important thing here is the quality of your website. If the website has good quality, and all SEO works are done properly, you will get traffic to your website eventually.
    In my point, it is not how to get traffic fast, but to create valuable content so visitors will come back. For me, PPC is fast but it is meaningless if your website has nothing to offer.
    I am also working on my blog, no traffic yet but I am now focusing on creating valuable content.
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    yes, PPC is beneficial for your website. It brings fast traffic for your website.
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    Yes, PPC is beneficial for your website. But how effective it is to other techniques? Is this the best of all?
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    PPC is a paid service, you can good traffic from it, but the main thing is the keyword you are using for the ad and the audience for which you are targeting the ads.
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    PPC especially Google, Bing is expensive and ROI is tough if you are not enough expert about it. So try to focus on SEO - cost effective method. and definitely facebbok advertising - quite cost effective but ROI can be achieved easily.
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