Where can I buy aged Facebook ads accounts from a respectable source?

by jrenzi
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Hi guys. Does someone know a respectable source where I can buy aged and verified Facebook ads accounts that wont get banned the minute I start advertising?

I'm not doing anything BH nor spam, just trying to promote a news website.

Any tip hint will be greatly appreciated.
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    why not tweak your operations a bit. that usually happens when you are just too direct. there are more subtle ways to approach and entertain Facebook subscribers that won't get your site banned and increases trust that results in higher conversions In my experience over the long term those who don't go for the ultra direct method get better results too.

    Advertisers that complain about not being able to do this or that or sell this or that often times miss that sometimes its not what you offer but how you offer it

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    You will need to buy FB account and email for verification. It is a lot of money and risk, FB will ask for verification if you will go from your IP.
    If you really have a news website, it make sense to go with regular advertising campaign.
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    Hi jrenzi,

    First, let me say that no "respectable" source will ever sell an aged Facebook Ad account.

    That's like asking "Where can I find an honest thief?"

    The age of the account doesn't matter. If you violate policies on an "aged account" it too will be quickly suspended.

    Why not just learn Facebook policies and comply?

    If you don't have the time or inclination to learn the policies, and comply, why not hire an agency or professional ad manager to do it for you?
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      The age matters.All my 1-2 year ask id or profile pic on first login.All newer are banned in an instant.Yes ofcourse it needs experience to use them and ofcourse to not spam anything.I sell those accounts to people knowing how to use them or want to learn how they can profit from them.

      Any kind of social media marketing using non-real accounts has ofcourse it's risks
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    I know a respectable source for where you can buy aged and verified Facebook ads accounts.
    very trusted and cheap
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