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So ive been trying Internet Marketing for about a month now and ive made 2 sales but i think they were pure luck and i keep seeing i need a tracking service, In everyones opinion what is the best program to use to track, preferably the cheapest too!
Thank You!
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    You can try Quality Click Control. I was use this for solo ads biz. If you are in cpa, affiliate...then check for Voluum tracking software.
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      I have not heard of that before ill have to check it out thanks for the suggestion!
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      Click Magic seems to be what i hear the most talk about i will give it a look, Thank You!
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    I would like what you have decided to go with?

    There's many out there, I've used many of them. They all vary in prices, performance and functionality.

    The ones that make my list for great performance CPA tracker at cheap rate goes to Bemob, bevo (for multiple steps campaigns), trackingdesk..

    What functions, reports, user-friendly platform are you looking for?
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      I'm thinking click magic but im not dead set yet, for functions im not 100% sure what im looking for i guess just a way to tell me what keyword or phrase or what not did the person type in to buy what im advertising for. Im not really sure how to use any tracking software at the moment so google will be my best friend for that so that being said i wouldn't mind to much if it wasn't super user friendly or not as long as its one i can stick with for a while. Thank You!
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