Is there a good free tool to see a competitors paid keywords?

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Looking to do some spying on a competitor. Is there a free tool that will show a good portion of his/her keywords in paid search? Thanks.

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    well you can do check out tools like Alexa, SE Ranking, InfiniGraph, Monitor Backlinks, SpyFu, Moat, and more...
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    Hi Steve23,

    There are plenty of tools that do this:
    • SpyFu
    • KeywordSpy
    • SEMRush
    • iSpionage

    A simple and free method that works well is to scan the competitors website using the AdWords Keyword Planner Tool to get recommended keywords from Google.That will likely get you the bulk of their keywords in an instant.

    You can then run a short AdWords data gathering campaign to get even more precise data on your competitors using the Auction Insights Report.
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    alexa premium

    i am new

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    SEMrush is the best for this. It gives the most comprehensive view, although it's still not a complete view. There is no tool out there that will give you "all" of your competitors paid keywords. Tools like SEMrush and
    SpyFu monitor a huge number of keywords (SpyFu told me 3 years ago that they monitor 90,000). They'll do searches on those keywords periodically and save the results that come up, which includes the paid and non paid positions of different sites. Most of the keywords that are really going to bring you traffic, but you'll miss out on a lot of the good long-tail keywords.
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    Spyfu, SEMRush - both websites are good. You can try these free tool. But it will give you limited data. You you buy with least price. It will help you
    a lot.
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    you will never find out competitors real keywords with any tool unless they tell you or you can login to their campaigns. Any tool, whether paid or free will only give you limited data and they will generally base this on the content of their website rather than their campaigns.
    Good luck with it
    Less work More money More time

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    you need to use KeywordEyeThis tool defaults to Google UK if you're using it in the US, you'll have to change it to Google US. The nice thing is that it also has options for several other countries and returns results in language.

    The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it's useful for high level ideas, it's not a keyword research substitute.
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    More tools are available to check about your competitors rank. These are free tools but also helpful to find your competitor data.
    Alexa-monitor track
    SE ranking-track rankings
    Monitore backlinks
    Moat for checking where asd are running etc.
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    try out signing up for a free trial on alexa
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    Once I tried SEM rush, it gives you free analysis of it.
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    KeywordSpy, SEMRush both are good website for finding keywords.
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    The above mentioned services are all fine. However, I found out that they don't really give you the best keywords of your competitors but just random ones.
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