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I first joined Topaffs(dot)com as the publisher about 1 week ago. I sent my request for approval and they approved me.

As soon I logged in, I seen many wonderful offers in there! They provide affiliate link, banner, and all marketing type of tools. They said the offer has been tested. So I gave a try and its true! I already got my first sale. Fantastic result!

Now this has motivate me to get more sales! I want to make more money and financial freedom . I am looking everywhere to find best traffics to send to. Lot of clicks traffic I tried do not generate any leads. So I wasted money in there.

As of now, only traffic source I have right now is email list with only 7,000 contacts. I get like 50-70 clicks per emails. So What are best tips for me to get to 1,000-2,000 clicks a day?

Any help from you guys, I appreciate it.

Thank you
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