Can I do PPC for my blog?

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I am new to blogging. My blog is a week old . I started writing on my own. I write about blogging, wordpress, Hosting product reviews and comparisons, affiliate marketing. etc. Since i am using my affiliate links on my blog, can i do PPC for my blog to promote it to get visibility?

Any advice? my blog is bloggersninja (dot) com. Your help is appreciated.
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    I would recommend you to do proper SEO of your website because PPC is very Expensive and it is not the permanent solution. By doing PPC, your website visibility will be temporary. As long as you have budget in your account, your add will be displayed and when your budget exhausted, the add stop displaying.
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      Can i run $100 a month campaigns for 3-4 months along with SEO? will that help??
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        Definitely, it will help to get you initial visitors on your site but as mentioned above PPC is temporary solution to get the visitors and SEO is the permanent solution to get the visibility.
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    PPC gives you fast but short time result and very expensive also. If you do SEO for your website then it gives you long time result as well as within your budget.
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    hey... good to hear that you start blogging by own
    if you use PPC viewers understand more better and easily get your point. they even understand from where are you coming from.
    thank you
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      how can i promote my affiliate links on my blog? can i run PPC on a landing page which drive traffic to my actual website?? does this work?
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        if you are using WordPress then there are many options to add a link to the blog it help you to get drive your viewer in the good direction
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  • Yes, you can promote your blog through PPC but make sure there's a lead grabber plugin installed i.e a subscription form or lightbox subscription form.
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    Yes . You can put ads for your blog post for example
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    First make content rich blogs and then start with ppc after sometime.
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    With PPC you can get much faster results than with SEO. However, it is very easy to burn a lot of money with PPC if you don't know how to convert your traffic.
    I would learn more about PPC (read books, take courses) before you start your first campaign!

    Learn Online Marketing with this free email course !

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    I think you should focus more on seo if you dont have a big budget and spend some tiny amounts on ppc also to learn how it works .PPC its good trafic but you need money and its risky if you dont know how to use it
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    Firstly you have to done proper seo of your blog. Then after some time you can look to the PPC because PPC is very costly.
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    Hi bloggersninja,

    I noticed you were getting a lot of nonsense advice posted in this thread so I thought I drop in and try to clear a few things up.

    Yes, you should consider using PPC to help your blog get that initial burst of traffic.

    Depending on the goal of your campaign, and available resources, PPC might be your best choice.
    1. PPC gets traffic much faster then SEO
    2. PPC traffic can be targeted far more precisely
    3. PPC traffic provides far richer marketing data for gaining insights faster.

    Furthermore, PPC is only costly if you are operating an unprofitable campaign. You shouldn't go into PPC marketing with the idea of managing it like a cost center, it generally works better when you manage it as a profit-center that drives the growth of your business.

    SEO is for hobbyist, PPC is for business that want to grow, decide which path you are on and use the best tools for that path.

    That's not to say that a business shouldn't use SEO, nor that a hobbyist should not use PPC, just generally speaking PPC is the primary Search marketing channel for most businesses, and SEO is the primary SEM channel for hobbyist.

    PPC is faster, generally more effective, provides better marketing data, faster results, precise control over targeting and spend. SEO requires more time, but is handy for someone that has more time on their hands than cash, provided they also have the skills needed to DIY. If you are planning to hire out the work then consider doing both, there are benefits derived from both types of marketing that create a good deal of synergy when combined.


    Don Burk
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    Yes you can run PPC Campaign for your blog.
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    What I am understanding is, you want to know can we run a PPC and Affiliate marketing campaign together. The answr is Yes
    Affiliates can promote using Google AdWords.
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