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Hi I have a quick question here.

I been doing solo ads and ppc to capture my leads. So here is my question

After they subscribe to your list at your squeeze page, your next page will you redirect them to an affiliate straight or a page where ask them check out their email and with a button to affiliate offer at the bottom?

To put it simple

1. Squeeze page -> affiliate offer
2. Squeeze page -> confirmatiin email which tell them to put on whitelist or junk email page -> affiliate offer

subscribers DONT NEED TO double opt-in. Just want to hear it out what your guys say

I been doing the 2nd step and my list are quite responsive when sending followup however the conversion for mmediate sales is low.

So I was thinking of testing option 1. But need some opinion before I start doing testing since need to invest money.
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    I recommend you to drive them to THANK YOU page.

    If you want to learn more about sale funnel. Just go to my thread on Warrior: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...le-funnel.html
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    On thank you page put the lead magnet you offer to give them + links to related products you sell or your affiliate of
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    Hi newbieleoling,

    There is no set rule as to how you should setup your sequence of pages.

    The best advice anyone can give you is to setup an A/B split test. You aren't doing marketing if you are not testing, measuring the results of your tests, analyzing for insights, and adapting to what the data is teaching you. Anything less is a 3rd rate amateur mistake.

    If you aren't testing you aren't marketing.


    Don Burk
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    The split-test is probably the best idea...

    However, I would also say that the more steps you leave between the initial decision and the upsell, the lower your rate is going to be, generally.

    I think maybe some people are a little afraid of selling because they might trade down somebody who subscribed to a non-subscriber, but the type of person who will unsubscribe for you making a product pitch is not the kind you want anyways.

    Another thing you can know: after someone makes a decision, they get a rush of endorfins and there is a momentum that makes it easier to say "yes" again. Even on the smallest decisions.

    But it fades fast, and if you wait very long you will not have the momentum of that rush to help you in getting another yes decision. Now, do you still have the goodwill? Of course, and of course you can still sell. But there is an altered state when someone says "yes" to agree to something.

    It's the secret of the Monkey's Fist that large boats use to carry the huge 2-ft wide ropes that hold them to the dock.

    They cannot throw the huge and heavy rope to the dock.

    They start by throwing a thin rope attached to a monkey's fist, then that rope is tied to a thicker rope, which is tied to a thicker rope, and finally they get the massive rope to tie the boat to the dock.

    Once you have the first "yes", you can use it to carry the second "yes", the third, etc. So I say, don't be afraid to make your offers known right away and let the ropes carry bigger ropes.

    My model I'm currently using tries to get a $4 sale and goes from there because if I can't get them to spend $4 with me, I'm not likely to get them to spend any money with me! That's my reasoning.

    So it was a little bit more work, but I now have a monkey's fist with a group of proven buyers.
    www.reliablecarselling.com - not only for car sales! Anyone who wants to master selling can learn to use this proven strategy.
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    If you really want a high quality list you should make them confirm their email and then send them the download link.

    Yes, everyone is afraid they will lose a few subscribers. I've tested it both ways on many niches. Confirming opt in gives me a much higher quality list with far greater opens.

    So, you send them to a thank you page that tells them to go confirm their opt in inside their email program. The system then sends them their download link.
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