What to do when FB shuts down ad account and limits business manager account?

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Appreciate some guidance here on a few questions.

A few things you should know.

I handle marketing for real offline businesses and have for 17 years.
Manage millions yearly on google ppc.

As far as Facebook is concerned when it comes to their back end I am NOT as educated. We have one ad account that contains several clients and we simply pay the ad costs and pass it along to the customer.

Here is where things went to hell.
Took on a new client and wanted him to be billed directly.

My assistant did the following.
Logged into Business Manager.
Created a new ad account and put in the clients billing info.
Created and submitted an ad.

The ad was for a free trial sample of a piece of cookware that drove them to an opt in page that requested their mailing info. No credit card info required.
The copy of the ad must of pushed the envelope a bit.
The cookware is able to cook with very little water so there was mention of "doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the vitamin retention of your food".

Anyway what did Facebook do?
They turned off the ad before it even got served then I got some pre-canned answer of the account has been disabled and my business manager account has been restricted from creating new ad accounts. I clicked their contact us link.
They obviously read nothing in what I sent them and sent back the same pre-canned answer with a little addition saying "this is our final decision".

Other than the obvious are they nuts? question lol
how do you guys deal with this?

Can I take my same clients billing info and simply create another ad account?
Of course this time we will be insanely careful about copy...
will they have restricted the ability to create more ad accounts with his cc info?

I assume many are pushing the envelope sometimes and have had this issue.
With Google you submit an ad, they say yes or no, they don't shut you down lol
At least not for legit real local businesses...

and how the hec do I get my business manager account able to create new ad accounts?
or is there a better process anyone would recommend when you want the client to be billed for ad costs but they know nothing about facebook and you are handling all of it for them?


I assume there is no way to actually chat with a human being at Facebook about this?
I am in Canada, the ads were being run to USA.
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    I know professional on Facebook ads that had 7 Facebook account, he open new account after they shut down - he use new credit, bank etc...
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    Hi Peter,

    As I understand it, you can only create a maximum of 5 ad accounts on a single Business Manager Account. Until recently it was only 2 ad accounts. So it is not a good idea to create ad accounts on your agency's Business Manager account. You will quickly reach the maximum (5) ad accounts and not be able to add more.

    Best practice, according to Facebook, is to have your client create their own Business Manager Account, and then grant your business Manager account permission to manage his ad account, and/or Facebook pages.

    You may still be able to manage your client's accounts using your existing Business Manager Account, have you tried it yet?

    Have your client create a new Business Manager Account and create a new ad account for his business in that account. Then grant your Business Manager account permission to manage his ad account (and pages if needed).

    If your Business Manager account is completely disabled, then create a new one. Don't add payment info to your own account, instead have your client add it to his own ad account via his own Business Manager account, then have him grant your Business Manager account access to his Ad Account from within his Business Manager account.

    The Facebook interface is not logical like in AdWords, the interface changes depending on the path you took and the current circumstances of the accounts in question. So it's a bit like navigating within a maze. It's easy to get lost and nearly everyone finds it a bit confusing.

    Here's a link that goes into detail about the process. It isn't always straight forward and as the process varies depending on the current conditions of the accounts.



    Don Burk
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    there was mention of "doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the vitamin retention of your food".
    Sounds like a medical/health claim - and since the claim is 1, 2 or 4 - doesn't sound like real science.

    Don understands the process (above) better than I do - but be careful of making claims like that. "may help retain vitamins" - "may limit vitamin loss" would be possible alternatives.
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