Why is Google AdWords better than others?

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I have been asked today why is Google AdWords better than other companies and competitors?

What is the best answer for that?

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  • I think you'll get some who say that Adwords is not better than others. Depends on how you define better.

    Those saying that may also be confusing the fact that Google is the most-used search engine. Does that make Adwords better than Bing Adcenter?

    My own take is that yes, Adwords is better than other search engine PPC services out there. But remember that there's only a few general search engines out there. In China, there's Baidu and I'm sure that they consider Baidu the best simply because there's no competition.

    What's good about Adwords:

    * access to huge number of searchers. Bing would be next but far behind. Still doesn't mean you should ignore Bing.
    * huge ad network with a few million sites if one wishes to have content ads. I don't think any other ad network even comes close to this size.
    * Google Shopping ads on Google search engine itself which provides another advertising opportunity that others don't have.
    * remarketing support
    * supporting apps such as Analytics

    None of these are about the interface, which admittedly can be complicated (because of all the features), especially for those who use Adwords only occasionally. They are all about reach - how to I advertise to the most people at once. It's very important but that doesn't make it better. If Adwords was very complicated to use, it may not matter that more people use Google.

    Google is also a very innovative company. While they didn't invent PPC, they made it what it is today. If they were not innovative, we'd probably still have PPC where the highest bidder would get first position. Others just followed Adwords and implemented the same things because it made sense. Bing is never the one to come up with something new and different because Microsoft is not an innovator but a follower. If Overture (then Goto then Yahoo) had been more of an innovator, your question today may have been why is Yahoo Search Marketing the best.

    So in the end, I think the answer is that Adwords is "better" mostly because of the millions of people you can reach, a no-brainer. Marketing by Google also helped, both marketing the search engine to make it the most popular and marketing Adwords. Mix in the constant innovation and you have a winner that's hard to beat.
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    Because Google is behind Adwords, and they are......Google?
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    Well i think its best because its the most popular and of course has the guge traffic online because its owned by google
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    Hi Mor,

    Simply put, no other marketing channel can match the reach of AdWords, be it on Search Ads, Display Ads, or Video ads, AdWords offers you a reach of 90% or more of most any targeted market segment.

    If you use any other channel you are likely missing out on the majority of your targeted market, (some exceptions apply, but generally true in most instances). If you are bypassing AdWords you may be bypassing the majority of your targeted audience. This is especially true in Search marketing where Google dominates over all other competitors combined.

    Search Ads offer you the opportunity to reach the majority of your targeted market and to reach the exact people looking for your product/service at the exact moment they are looking for it. That is very powerful marketing, and nobody can deliver it on the same scale as AdWords is able to do. AdWords is the only platform that allows you to advertise on the 2 largest search engines (Google, and Youtube).

    Don Burk
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    Google Adwords is an advertising platform owned by Google. Advertisers can use this platform to position their ads in the Google Search Result Pages, Google Products and to thousands of other websites that participate in the AdWords program as publishers.
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    We can't say Google Adwords is always best for all industries advertisement. Like if you going to advertise any jewellery store than Facebook ads are good. If you want to target services like real estate, plumbing, doctors or legal than Google AdWords are better. Every industry has different marketing solution according to theme and goal of business.
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    Google adwords shows more and accurate information other than..so always Google Adwords is good and best.
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      I don't agree with Tushar, Google Adwords results are not accurate. If you check the log of your website and compare the traffic with Google Adwords results then there would always some difference.
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    Targeting and reach in my opinion

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    You can not say it's best, but at least you have the most traffic on Google and you can potentially attract more customers.
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    I have only really ever had any luck with Adwords. It does the best job targeting my readers with truly relevant ads. Because I have had success I never really pay attention to the others so I really have nothing to compare it to.
    Erinn Sluka
    Author at ParentingHealthy.com
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    Here are benefits of Google AdWords:

    1. Measurable
    With Google AdWords, every single aspect of your marketing campaign is measurable.
    2. Cost Effective
    You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (i.e. you pay per click) and you determine exactly how much you want to spend.
    3. Maximum Relevance
    4. Highly Targeted
    5. Re-marketing
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    Google AdWords is paid advertising or pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google.
    It is better because the way it works is simple as if the keywords you've chosen match what people search for, your paid ad will appear next to or above organic Google search results. And it depends that how you make it better, which keywords you are using.

    Hope my answer will help you.
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  • Here's a more real summary about better choosing Google. Your mileage will differ in light of your industry and circumstance, obviously.

    * It's one of the main place individuals go to start their research. Also, consider that the larger part of mobile gadget users are on Google's Android.

    * There is no contract with Google Adwords.

    * Google Adwords gives huge amounts of incredible information on precisely what keywords are driving traffic, campaign performance, and coordinates totally with Google Analytics.

    * People finishing Google inquiries are pre-qualified; you know precisely what queries are driving clicks to your site and which inquiries are turning to leads.

    * Many of your clients won't change over on the first visit to your site, yet that is alright in case you're utilizing Google Remarketing in light of the fact that you can focus on those individuals for up to a year serving them promotions about your image to take them back to turn them into a lead.

    * Google Adwords enables you to begin or stop a campaign rapidly, and in this way control your spend.

    * Flexibility to go after different kinds of clients: keyword selection in Google Adwords enables us to target clients at various phases of the buying cycle based on the kind of inquiry.

    * You can make Google ad campaigns focusing simply on your site visitors that are coming from Facebook.

    * Google's Adwords auction system is composed with the goal that you pay precisely the lowest cost per click likely to keep up your promotion position and its Smart Pricing system will certainly reduce the cost-per-click on the off chance that it believes a click is more likely to lead a conversion.
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    Google Adword is a software offered by Google for paid advertising.
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    Main reason behind is that it's Google's product.
    Another one, if you want quality traffic then definitely you must try once.
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    Yes Google Adwords is much better than other tools available in market. Its shows better and exact data collections. Google Keyword planner is most polpular tool that use for keyword research.
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    For me Adwords is fairly good because of:
    1. Reach.
    2. Functionality.
    3. Ad settings.
    4. ROAS.
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    Transparency is a big plus. Many of the other PPC companies do not provide accurate traffic reporting or tracking.
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    google,is the biggest market, better as in better roi-no, better as in vast market-yes, the biggest.
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    Google Adwords has the biggest reach as Google is the world's most popular search engine. By advertising here, you ensure that your ads will be viewed by a vast majority of people that are actually looking for your products. These type of leads are hot leads and have a good chance of converting.
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    I normally used AdWords for better targeting and for better audience. They have audience for almost every type of business.
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    Adwords is product of google itself and its free also.
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    Google has 80% of the search traffic all over the world
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    There are the few reasons GOOGLE ADWORDS BETTER THAN OTHERS.
    1.Easily start or Stop
    2.The most searches
    4.Integration with Facebook campaigns
    5.Lowest cost-per-click (CPC)
    6.Flexibility to go after different types of customers
    8.Google Adwords provides tons of great data on exactly what keywords are driving traffic, campaign performance, and integrates completely with Google Analytics
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    Google payment service accept?
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    It's not that it's better but we believe that AdWords can work for almost any type of business. Using AdWords requires time and money, but thousands of businesses have found that it's time and money well spent because AdWords delivers a measurable return on investment.
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    Google is Better then other search engines because mostly people will use google only so you can get good results
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    Google adwords is a brand everyone think about,every marketer is ready to learn how to use it thats why its the best
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    Despite all the people above claiming otherwise Google Adwords is NOT BETTER than all the rest. Most people who claim that have not had much experience with other platforms.

    The truth is better or best has to do simply with which one YOU make more money with. It is an individualized situation. I make more money with Bing on some things and Adwords on others.

    Facebook is better than Adwords for some things. Adwords is better than Bing for others.


    I have clients that do only facebook and thrive. Adwords not so much.

    Don't be an adwords specialist having to sell the adwords platform only. Be a marketing specialist

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  • Don't ever say one is better than the other point blank, because you do not want to knock one off as your crediblity will drop.

    But you can respond by saying every business is unique and different and until you dont test you will not know.

    e.g. If I were to advertise a towing compnay I would use adwords, why because no one will look for a emergency towing service on fb

    Facebook would be good for viral video campaigns for awareness etc..
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    If Google is mostly used Search Engine in your Targeted Country then Google Adwords is better than others.

    Suppose we will use Google Adwords in China then it will not helpful because Baidu is mostly uses Search Engine in China.
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    I thought facebook was the best?
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    Google AdWords can bring a lot of high-quality traffic to your store.
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