Facebook ads or Bing ads? Which is best?

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Hey warriors,
I am going to promote clickbank affiliate product. But I'm confused for the traffic source. Which you guys think is better ? Facebook or Bing ?

Thanks before it.
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    The one that can help you to make money is the best,the one that you try it and experience it and you feel good is the best...Don't listen to somebody else,just try it and just do it...Really this kind of stuff is like finding a woman to get married,intuitively most people would feel the pretty one is the best,but as long as you stay together for sometime,you would feel this is not true...the one that you suite each other is the best.
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    It depends on various things ...

    -> Ur comfortability
    -> CPC
    -> Type of niche
    -> Ability to retarget & reap benefits
    -> How well your funnel is ...
    -> Your Goal

    Eg., If you are in niche like dog training ... You may want to target Dog Owners by sharing a video or getting them to view your ad multiple times to get them on to your page or list. In such cases FB might be beneficial ... it would b easy to get people like your page or post & possibly target them later. On the contrary, it might be tough to get sales from people who like the video just for the sake of it ...

    Where as with Bing you would end up reaching them only when they need that service. It might be less complicated funnel in such case.

    In either cases ... just make sure you start using FB PIXEL o your website immediately ... if you get on to FB ads later ... it would be helpful ...

    Just my 2 cents ... Dint mean to confuse you though.
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      Wow thanks for your detail reply. Really thanks a lot
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        Thanks for this reply. It helped me receive in-depth information on the subject.
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    I think Facebook is better than Bing because Facebook allows users to target the audience of their ads by many factors, including interests and job titles.
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    hey there

    the one where you make money

    in my view fb is a slight favorite because they allow you to target and targeting is the

    key in marketing

    talk soon
    sam f
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    I have been having great success with Bing. However, it all comes down to testing and tracking.

    With the right ad and the right keywords, I've seen click through rates on Bing of over 12%. Make sure that your landing page is optimized so that your visitor actually clicks through to your clickbank product page.

    A strong call to action is mandatory.

    Personally, Facebook is still interruption marketing. People don't go on Facebook to get sold to... At least in my opinion; which is why I focus on Bing.

    Plus I find ad cost on Bing to be a little less expensive than on Facebook.
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      Thanks for the feedback
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    The real answer is; which one can you laser target more effectively while still maintaining your ROI?

    It's all about sending the most relevant traffic to your offer at an adspend that makes you money.

    I.E., it's the basics of all sales. It's all about traffic and conversions. In the end, nothing else matters.

    So, dig down deep and see which you can target towards your offer better.
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      Absolutely agree with this one. I'm going to try both
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    you could afford all these two advertising platforms and use them to complement each other.
    But if you can't, consider who your main audience is (are they active on Facebook? do they prefer using Bing for online searches?), what your needs are and what your budget is when deciding which platform to go with. You can always change your approach--
    keep a close eye on the traffic that results from your campaign to ensure you're using the platform that's right for your business.
    Try Both
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    face book is the best way to get raffic
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    As well as what everyone else said, Bing is good to get sales by using keywords beginning with "Buy..." to catch people who are looking to spend money now. Facebook on the other hand is good for growing a following and building your brand, to grow trust, making it more likely that people will buy off you in the future.

    But, as others have said, this will need testing, as generalities don't always apply to specific cases.
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    I can only really comment on Facebook ads and not Bing (although I recently got a voucher and intend to spend it).

    I'm getting email subscribers via Facebook for £1.27 each and then selling services via email marketing campaigns.

    It's incredibly effective and completely transformed my business. I really can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work for you as well.

    The best tutorial is this one by Noah Kagan (AppSumo). He helped to build the Facebook ads platform and has over 1 million subscribers:

    GoGoChimp , 8 Cheviot Dr, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5AS, Tel: 0141 576 4302
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    I think you should go for Facebook ads rather than Bing ads. Facebook has great potential for businesses which are highly active in social media. Bing has smaller user audience than Facebook. Facebook has Option to advertise to people based on interests they've listed on the website. Facebook has feature to include rich media (photos and video) in your ads to make them more appealing.
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    It's depend upon the offer. I got clickbank databank 2017.
    If you go with Paid Advertising then target those countries.

    And these days

    there is more inside the clickbank databank 2017.

    gets your hand on this entire PDF.


    I read a lot and apply few things and found facebook video ads with proper presell landing page works great. you need to learn about custom audiences , landing pages, funnels, in order to get good conversion.

    youtube video ads also works great in fitness and sport niches. I have lot of paid courses and i always create a notes from those courses. if you need any help please let me know. currently gaining money from Affiliate marketing and invest in ecommerce world.

    I started with fiverr in 2011 and earn a lot by selling services and use those fund in affiliate marketing. there is lot of things that i don't know but super affiliate do know like peter perk, mario brown, in short learning on daily basis and take constant imperfect action will help you a lot.
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    They are many factors to take in consideration ,for example facebook work better with some niches and with others not .etc

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    In my suggestion Facebook is better than Bing for traffic.
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    As per my experience, FB advertisement is good. You will surely get great output from Facebook ads as compared to Bing.
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    facebook is social media platform and Bing is a search engine. So Obviously Bing ads very important but one thing very necessary that is facebook creates more engagement than any other.So be careful...
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    As per my personal exprience, facebook ads is not giving that much ROI. and Bing ads is really cool nowadays. As Google having lots of competitors and high CTR, Bing ads is giving very lower rates and good result. Yes Impression wont be that much as compared to google but you will get good quality clicks in less impressions, that is a plus point.

    So i would suggest Bing Ads.
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    Both are good at their own place but there is one major difference which is:
    1. Facebook is a social media tool which have option for Ads
    2. Bing is search engine like google which also run Ads but on search engine or placement of Ads on partner websites only...
    whereas Facebook Ads can be run only and shown on Facebook only..

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    Best is cheap and effective.
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    Don't forget that in Facebook is more about making them aware of your service and creating the feeling that they need it.

    SEM is fulfilling a need they already know about.

    I think Facebook is better but they have routinely fudged their numbers.

    How about both?
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    Obviously, facebook ads are better than Bing ads. Because most of the users are active on Facebook. So you can go with facebook ads.
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    I prefer to use Adwords for most of my PPC campaigns since it has the most traffic. I do like using Bing ads for the same reason as Adwords, but the traffic just doesn't compare to Adwords. Setting up the same campaign on Adwords and Bing Ads will allow you to target almost everyone in the world, which is nice. I really like using facebook for eCommerce websites because it's good for market research and building your brand.
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    Those are different channels targeting people on different points of their buying journey.

    Bing search ads are more geared to a person already searching for solution
    Facebook ads ads are great for grabbing attention of a cold traffic, that doesn't realize they have a problem or there is a solution to their long lasting problem.
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    Bing for sure...Facebook is full of bots and fake traffic so you end up paying for a lot of bad clicks and unlike something like adwords there is no refund recourse for that click fraud.
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    Good question for attracting digital marketer like me...
    As all know both are providing ads on paid basis but there is only difference that is facebook allow to connect with any community via frequent posting where as bing is purely advertisement platform....
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    But I think lots of marketers making money from clickbank through bing ppc if you can find out golden keyword then you might get sell try to use bing intelligence for keyword research with different countries with different languages
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  • I prefer FB Ads.
    But, your ads must be a good styling to get more click or convert to your client.
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    You should try building your list first. Then you should ask, Facebook or Bing, which is better for building my list?

    I say Facebook
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    Yeah with this question it's really test test test. Sure you can get really narrowed down with the targetting that FB offers, but often times we have found better results on Bing. I can not honestly say I could recommend one over the other in any sort of definitive way, just test it.
    Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will.
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    This depends on so many different things. It's kind of the equivalent of asking whats better - trucks or cars?

    They are each used for different things. If you are asking strictly from a "make money online" standpoint, I would tell you to use Facebook for eCommerce and Bing Ads for affiliate stuff. Running affiliate stuff on Facebook is not going to work very well long-term, unless its super clean PPL or eCom offers.
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    Both are different, But Finally we can say Facebook ads is better than Bing.
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    Bing ads for promoting affiliate stuff and fb ads for promoting cpl campaigns. The competition is low on Bing and it's the best chance for affiliates to make the most out of it.
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    Facebook ads is better than bing ads, because facebook allows advertisers to utilize data based on location, demographics, interests and psycho graphics to target users.
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