Can I advertise for more than one site in a Google Adwords account?

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Can I advertise more than one site in a single Google Adwords account?
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    Yes, as long as they promote different products otherwise you will get suspended for double serving.
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    Yes you can easily advertise your another domain in one account...
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    Hi sxopeconsolidate,

    Not only can you advertise more than one site in a single AdWords account... AdWords policy is only one account per advertiser, regardless of how many websites or mobile apps you are advertising.


    Don Burk
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  • Yes. A policy is set up that requires all advertisements in an AdGroup lead a similar website (One Display URL for each AdGroup Policy), however this policy does not stretch out to various campaigns or separate AdGroups.

    As a best practice it's never suggested to promote numerous sites in one account. Here are a few reasons that will help you coming up to a more knowledgeable decision before you try.

    As Per Policy:

    It is always a better plan to keep separate accounts for different domains. This will guarantee that if there is a policy violation with one site then it the other site won't have any issue.

    Record Settings

    AdWords account can only have one Billing Currency and one time zone choice. So it is dependably a smart thought to keep distinctive domains in individual accounts on the off chance that you wish to promote in Different Time Zones and money.


    All of the sites in AdWords accounts will be charged under one charging profile. This implies it is not possible to part the expenses and pay for every website domain independently. This implies you can't give a different receipt to each site.
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    Yes but i think you must create another campaign
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    There is no restriction against advertising multiple websites in one AdWords account. There is a policy in place that requires all ads in an ad group lead to the same website, however, this does not extend to campaigns or separate ad groups.
    And for a better result, you can also advertise your website with the help of some advertising services, the one which I use personally for promoting my website products is page 20. This would help you in increasing your website traffic.
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    you can run two domains from one account. But you have to create different campaigns. If you not planing to spend more than 20k per month per each domain then I think it's OK to keep them all in the same account. Just be sure to label them differently for each campaign.
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    Yes, under one adword account you can run different domain campaigns.

    If you are an agency, then create your "Google MCC" account to enjoy more options and benefits.
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    Yes you can advertise more than one site in a Google Adwords account, You can create separate campaign for each website in a single Google Adwords Account.
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