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I am new to PPC advertising. I created a campaign in Bing Ads for UFC Live Streaming. Unfortunately I did not get as many impressions and clicks as I expected. Any advice on why I am not getting enough traffic? Is it from bidding too low? I set it up to .15 usd. I found another issue the ad approval was limited. Please advise me on how to set the ads to get enough traffic for UFC Live Stream event.
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    When you hover the mouse on the 3 little dots next to your keyword, you can get some info.
    But, did you check the daily search vol of your keywords? Are the keywords relavant to your offer? How long it's been since the ad has been active?
    Check out the avg cpc & see if that needs to be increased.
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      Thank u for your great advice. I did not go details. Basically I want to know is there any restriction in Bing Ads for UFC or UFC Live Streaming.
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    Choose a keyword and build a Group of Ads SPECIFIC for this keyword.

    And then choose another keyword and rinse and repeat.

    This will increase your CTR and so the cost will go down.

    Do not put different ads with a basket of different keywords.
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