Where to find good traffic?

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Im looking for a reliable source or an affordable way to get traffic
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    Well with free traffic its not easy but youtube works best and converts very good in my opinion .Thing its that you must search for low cometition keywords and able to work hard ,also quora its give me good traffic i make like 10 posts daily and i get traffic ,be sure to not spam it .
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      Weren't you complaining a week or two ago about how you're Clickbank/Affiliate offers weren't converting on Youtube?

      Not making enough money with 3,000 Videos:
      Claiming that your work on Youtube isn't making very much:
      You not understanding Youtube Analytics:
      You asking for help because your Youtube (free traffic) isn't performing:

      Do you think this response really serves this Warrior well? If he expected great things, did the same thing you did a couple weeks ago, and got the same result, aren't you just causing more problems for this Warrior?

      This is EXACTLY why people trying to start IM fail, especially on this forum. The blind leading the blind.

      Something to consider.
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        he just wanted to help him...
        who knows, maybe what spartan14 suggested didnt work for him before and now works
        and maybe what he suggested will perfectly work for Djimmanuel Joshua in the future

        he will never find out until he wont try and finally its all about trying
        I failed multiple times to get and build my own businesess and its nothing wrong about that
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      How would I get traffic to my blog sir? getfreesephorasamples.blogspot.com I mean on youtube , any advice would be much appreciated ... thanks
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        try facebook groups
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          also the good traffic is in the list, if he build his email-list and then group them with correct segmentation and run his campaigns according to this concept.
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        Originally Posted by erickhkd1 View Post

        How would I get traffic to my blog sir? getfreesephorasamples.blogspot.com I mean on youtube , any advice would be much appreciated ... thanks
        Join Facebook Group, Make Your Blog Good Looking and attacking. Do SEO, Post Daily and Join Forums
        I'm a Technical SEO expert and SEO consultant and a Fron End Developer too
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    hey there

    join 100 to 200 facebook groups ..wait for them to except you in their group then post to them on a regular basis

    talk soon
    sam f
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    You tube is really a great choice, but FB groups are also great tool.
    FB groups have targeted users and deliver instant results.
    www.royalrevenue.com - Daily payment CPA network- PayPal/paxum/Bitcoin
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      Is it too obvious to post advertisement on FB groups?
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    I think FB is the best source for targeted traffic
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    Originally Posted by Djimmanuel Joshua View Post

    Im looking for a reliable source or an affordable way to get traffic

    You'll have to do better than that.
    • What's the niche?
    • What are you selling?
    • Who's on first?
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    You need to do some social media marketing and social media optimization like(Facebook, twitter, linked in, google+)
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    Facebook is very affordable.

    Use Video Ads to reach a large audience for cheap, then re-target the users who watched 95%+ of your video.

    That'll give you a good idea on who's interested in whatever it is your talking about, and that audience will be much cheaper to re-target to in the future.

    Thats the approach I use anyways and it's been working pretty well.
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      And if you don't want to use your likeness in the videos, outsource it.
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      Finding good traffic is all about your message and who are you targeting, man!

      Moderator's Note: Affiliate Links are not allowed

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  • Create account on the following social media site
    Post on regular base and share you content as much you can.
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    you can go for social media, it's very affordable, check Facebook, there, you can target well your audience!!
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    You can't find good traffic by miracle; it needs to be sorted out by putting in proper effort. That effort firstly is required to be put up with getting your site build up well. It's too common to see people lack content and yet they waste time over promoting and all that, it hardly results in anything good. So, it's important to focus on getting the quality up to the mark then traffic will come itself!
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    Depends on your services - products - target market - price and so on.

    Start sharing some offers, creative designs, wallpapers, testimonials, quotations, relevant information on FB, Linkedin, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and so on. People will start following/liking your page and checking out your website gradually. And, that's the time you should start asking people if they need your services at competitive price.

    Note: Without analysing your services, target market or pricing, you will not get qualified traffic that too for FREE or without making significant efforts.

    Hope, that helps.

    Good luck.
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    Do posts with hash tag on Social Media sites to get free traffic.
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    The best way to find good traffic is to first identify your niche and then work your way around finding related FB groups, marketplaces, forums and websites that is closely relating to your niche but most importantly, they have high traffic.

    I've tried the method a few times myself and it works every time.
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    Both utube and fb are best options, pls don't spam
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    Youtube, FB & forums are the best choice.
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    PPC and media buying aer expensive. You may try email marketing.
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    Social Media is the best way to traffic towards your website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the giants. You can post the info about your business on these sites. You can see the results will start coming very soon.
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    all social networks are best for getting traffic you just join all social platform and be active there and share and post new valuable things it may helps you to get what you want ..
    wish u best of luck
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    to get the traffic you have to use social media such as facebook ,twitter, instagram.
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    social media is the best way to get traaffic....
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    Social Networking Sites are really useful to get best traffic for website.
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    1. Guest post
    2. social media
    3. Use Paid Ads
    you can check more information about digital marketing here digital marketing classes in pune
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    social media like facebook, Linkedin, twitter, youtube has great traffic source ....!!
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    Submit your fresh content, and make it viral in social media sites, then you can find good traffic.
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    You will never go wrong with Google, Facebook & Bing.

    Offers 1-1 Coaching for Bing/CPA/Clickbank.
    1,248 students have benefited so far!
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    The OP is asking about reliable traffic source but he/she hasn't provided much information about what kind of traffic or niche whatsoever. Hence OP has bolted.
    SEO Motionz Forum & Blog- Digital Marketing Forum & Blog,
    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    Maybe it's also good to try all sources and chose the best at the end? What do you think ?
    Sometimes what is good for you is not for others. )
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    1. Social Bookmarking
    2. Directory Submission
    3. Forum submission
    4. PDF, PPT Submission
    5. Video Submission
    6. Niche Blog Commenting
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    Social Media & Forum Discussions are real source of genuine traffic.
    Share your unique content enriched with great ideas and tips on social media. Engage yourself at Forum Discussions which will help creating genuine traffic for website.
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    To get good traffic you need to do social media optimization and social media marketing ( Facebook, Twitter, Linked in,YouTube,Pinterest )
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    First of all, you must be clear about the targetted customers then plan the strategies according to that category to drive the particular traffic. Another thing where you want to get this traffic, on blog, website, social pages or any other platform.
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    You can get really good traffic from Bing, Facebook, Youtube to name a few. Also purchasing banner ads space on the warrior forum. It really depends on what niche you are in
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    Social bookmarking, forums and Facebook Groups are best options.
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    Web2.0 Source
    2. Twitter
    3. Reddi
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  • What i usually see is many young guys now a days heavily depends on FB, Twitter, Instagram , Youtube etc. Video Vlog making is now creating some noise around us. Even some odd scenario is becoming viral very easily . You create some silly ads and post them on Youtube or Facebook. You will surely get some attraction of people. But if you want to target people who will really enhance your business, then you have to enter deeply in the marketing. Few years back poking and liking on other people's post were also driving traffic in websites. But main thing is communication and reply of comments makes it very easy. So try social media and Google Adwords.

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    Nowadays , Social media would be better option to get high traffic for your website. create accounts on facebook, Instagram and twitter. But remember always share high quality relevant content there.
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    Your own skills. Or, within your skills, patiently developed through persistent practice.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You need to join Social Media platforms for getting good traffic also you can start PPC for getting filtered traffic that is more useful for your business.
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    Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin gives you the genuine traffic. But only the condition is Use these platform in a right way.
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    I recommend looking into SEO, utilizing your website and it's pages to rank for queries that get a decent amount of monthly search volume is an extremely cheap way to get website traffic. You can also do blog posts on your website relevant covering topics or questions that get searched as well to hopefully rank for those queries online also.

    Owner at SEO Services KC

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    1. Share on your facebook timeline, facebook groups, set up fanpage and run ads
    2. Use other social media like twitter, Linkedin, Pinterests,...
    3. Find forums with the same niche with your products or service, then write quality content to attract users.
    4. Google Ad
    5. SEO your website
    It depends on your budget and your kind of products/service to choose suitable source.
    TweetPush Review | How to put Twitter traffic on steroids
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      I m doing No. 1 below. From my research this free approach is very effective because you build up a relationship with your customers, but you must first warm up Facebook.

      Originally Posted by Gladys92 View Post

      1. Share on your facebook timeline, facebook groups, set up fanpage and run ads
      2. Use other social media like twitter, Linkedin, Pinterests,...
      3. Find forums with the same niche with your products or service, then write quality content to attract users.
      4. Google Ad
      5. SEO your website
      It depends on your budget and your kind of products/service to choose suitable source.

      How to sell online even if you have no list- using free Facebook traffic? Free 6 part viral over-my-shoulder video training course + blueprint that show you step-by-step how to do it easily. Click here: http://signup1.drquek.com.

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        lots of copy/paste answers on a 2i017 thread...
        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

        I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.
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    If I assume that your "good traffic" mean high converting traffic than anyone would tell you that it should be targetted traffic. Targetted traffic can be obtained by targetting via Facebook, Google, Bing Ads and alike (just considering my limited knowledge)

    If i assume that your "good traffic" means a high volume of traffic than there are so many ways to do it. Social Media is one of a great tool to drive a good traffic volume. Just use a tool like Massplanner (which is running underground, or Jarvee) to post automatically on Facebook Groups, Google Plus, Twitter Posts etc. You just need to configure it, sit back and relax.

    For Social Media Traffic
    I use Pinterest as my primary social media platform to drive traffic. I got more than 100 or even near to 250 visits per week with very limited focus. Please note that I just give my 2% - 5% of the time. I am pretty sure I can touch 1000 visits if I give some focus on it. But the drawback of Pinterest is, the most traffic is from mobile devices. So, I don't believe that it's promising when we talk about "converting audience"

    So, What I think is: Organic Traffic is really worth for you. I am getting higher retention time, low bounce rate from Organic Traffic. These are good indicators, on the basis of these you can say that "Organic Traffic is really a good traffic"
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    the best is to buy CPM traffic
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    will cost around 1000click = 0.6$ & 2$
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    You can try facebook Ads to attract good traffic to your website. You can easily choose the location like usa ,uk canada in which you want traffic from these locations.
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    You should advertise, Pay attention on your On-Page SEO, build long tail keyword
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    In Off page SEO techniques you can find the good Traffic.
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    For Organic traffic, you have to submit Directories, Bookmarking, Forums. Do Follow some good blogger and do comment on that blogs you can get traffic from that type of the site and it will be organic traffic to your site.
    You have to make some backlinks also redirect to your site.
    There is no any main platform to get traffic o your site, but follow all these points you may get traffic.
    Do Social Marketing is also a good way to get traffic.
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    Any plugins that can help me boost traffic?
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    you have to work with social networks, try to build some engagement overt there, also you can have traffic through forum, blogs, and if you want to be more advanced, there are some tools called spy-tools that could help you search for the best reliable traffic source for your offer too.
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    Blogging is a most important source to generate unique traffic on your website. Whenever you will post a blog then you can write fresh content and unique and relevant content your business. Whenever you will do this activity do your blog will give you daily huge traffic on your website.
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    Create a blog
    Update Content
    Share on Social Media
    Discuss in forums
    Upload video on youtube
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    You can get traffic from the Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and any other social sites.
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    There are so many source are available to get more traffic. Some of them are : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc., You can choose any source according to your needs.
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    If you have enough budget, you can go for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. These platforms will give you quick traffic. More youe spend, more traffic you get.
    If you have a limited budget, you can do following things -
    Guest Blogging -
    If you are able to post your content on reputable site, your website traffic will definiely increase. You can also invite other to write guest posts on your site.
    Social Chennels - Promote you content on socail media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. If your target audience is B2B, then Google+ communities and Linkedin will help you more. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are useful for B2C audience. You can also boost your posts with little budget.
    Questions and Answers - Involve in Q&A activities to get more exposure. Participate on sites like Quora, Blurtit where you can get good amount of traffic.
    Site Performance - Make sure your site is lightening fast that will enhance the user engagement.
    Email Marketing - It is an another way to attract more visitors to your website. Targeting the customers who have already purchased products/service from your site will benefit you for sure. Just make sure that you don't overdo it.
    Submit your content to Aggregator sites - Sites like reddit and scoopit will fetch you a good traffic.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here -> https://www.radon-media.com/services...-optimization/

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    The best traffic is always from SEO (my own opinion) because people actually look for something then they would enter your site.
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      That's true. Adwords becomes much more expensive.
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    You can use the different social media sites, like Pinterest, Google +, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Instagram is the best one which I can suggest to you because you can get more visualization here

    But it is less possibility of getting much attention among the 500 million active customers. So, the best one will be to buy Instagram likes.

    This one will have the double impact i.e, it will increase the likes as well as the followers also. It will bring the huge traffic to your website.
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    Visuals in the form of infographics and video, I think works best.
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    There a lot of reliable source or ways in getting traffic, every social media can help you get traffics tho.
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    Targetting on social media platforms with genuinely good content will sure be a traffic puller.
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    I have recently started one my website and he domain age is more than 6 months , started working on it recently , how can I get traffic to increase my DA?
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    You can use Facebook.
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  • Profile picture of the author poweredspeaker
    Facebook and Instagram, is the best source which i always suggest.
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  • Profile picture of the author Priyanka Koshta
    The most important thing for a marketer or business owner is more customers and more traffic to their site.

    Here are few ways through which you can find good traffic:
    • Optimize your website content
    • Use of social media
    • Do content outreach
    • Participate in blog commenting in your business niche
    • Create good and quality content
    • Make sure that your site is responsive
    Hope this helps!!
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    Instagram is the best source for getting more traffic. And you can also go for Facebook.
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  • Profile picture of the author portablesys
    When we go for making good traffic then you can use lots of social networks to get it. Like you can use Facebook and Instagram for more traffic. These are the very simple and best way.
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  • finding traffic is not easy. but try with social media and youtube, you will get good traffic. daily postings in facebook will get you good traffic.
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    Well seo is good but it will take lot of time. Moreover, the competition is stiff enough. It will benefit you if you prefer long tail keywords. only then it is beneficial. Yo can try Social media for brand Marketing and PPC for achieving your goals.
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  • Below are some simple ways to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website.

    1. Perform On-Page SEO.
    2. Get Listed.
    3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags.
    4. Use Landing Pages.
    5. Target Long-Tail Keywords.
    6. Start Email Marketing.
    7. Advertise Online.
    8. Guest Blog.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lotfi Drif
    You looking for paid or free traffic?
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    my advice to you is instagram
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  • Profile picture of the author imranimran
    Social Media is the main source for the traffic to get best online presence , bit social media traffic will not give consistent traffic, If you an spend some money and time SEO It will give you best results and will be consistent also.
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    Yes you can get traffic from the Forums, Social Media, LinkedIn and more. But how about learn how to.

    Want to learn on how to create the perfect online business and earn on several income stream? Private message me I will show you how. http://10mld.com/EMG-INDIGO26

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    You can try social medias, such as FB, Youtube, Twitter, Ins, Pinterest, etc.
    Also, SEO and paid ads are good choice.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jassicasan
    For a search engine, backlinks are an endorsement of a website. A guest blog on another site that links back to yours will drive traffic to your website. Getting a listing in online directories will also drive traffic to your website
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