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Hello I spend the majority of my time with free traffic but in my opinion it's not worth it because I get few results for the amount of time I spend working. I am trying to also go little by little on paid traffic sources. Please recommend a good network for very low budget, I see on a warrior plus product someone was recommending the adhits network. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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    Originally Posted by spartan14 View Post

    Hello i spend majority of my work with free traffic but in my opinion its not worthing because i get less results for how much time i spend working .I am trying to go also little by little on paid traffic sources .Please recomend me a good network for very low budget ,I see on a warrior plus product someone was recomending adhits network .What your thoughts ? Thanks
    Hi spartan14,

    You, like so many before you, are discovering the paradox of "so called" free traffic: Free traffic is often the most costly traffic to seek.

    I have seen people waste years of their life and gobs of money pursuing "free" traffic.

    The pursuit of free traffic often robs you of your most precious resource, your time. You can always find a way to get more money, but you only have 24 hours in a day, and once lost it's gone forever.

    Spending money, when done wisely is like a multiplier for wealth. If you need to invest 80 hours to finish a marketing task, why wait a week or more to get the benefits, you can purchase those 80 hours of work and complete the task in less than a day by hiring a team. So instead of earning that profit once every week or 2 you can earn the same amount everyday, or every hour, but only if you give up the notion that free traffic is free, it is anything but free, it can be the most costly traffic you ever pursue.


    Don Burk
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    hey there

    there are only 2 ways to get traffic traffic and free traffic

    I agree with people who say why not pay the money upfront and get a team to work with you
    on the other hand if you are not interested in paying for traffic all you have to do is spend some

    time and learn what works and what does not work..

    you will either pay with money or your time

    If you have a passion to learn seo and driving organic traffic to your niche
    then go for it.

    . all you will need to start is a e-book as a guide

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Hello I spend the majority of my time with free traffic but in my opinion it's not worth it because I get few results for the amount of time I spend working.
    Perhaps the reasons why it is not working is because of the strategies you're implementing. I mean, if you have been doing the same thing over and over again for an extended period, and have had no results, perhaps it's time to switch tactics.

    The worst mistake you can do is to go after cheap paid traffic. You will end up wasting your time and money. I'd recommend you keep trying and testing new techniques until you find what works best for you. For instance, when I started one of my blogs, I spent so much time trying to force my way through Facebook and Twitter, only later to discover that with the same amount of effort, Quora yielded twice the results. Quora then became my silver lining when I was on the brink of giving up on organic traffic, just like you are. It's all a matter of trying and testing new things until you find the combination that works.
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    Paid traffic with low budget is wrong choice, I don't know how your LOW is calculated even in my opinion less than 500 is considered LOW in paid marketing.
    Either you are on low budget please go with free advertising,
    Create blog on your campaign promote it through social media like tumblr, pintrest ,FB, twitter ,VK , targeted audience will roll money.
    Don't spend your low budget on paid advertising.
    Signature - Daily payment CPA network- PayPal/paxum/Bitcoin
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    I would say Bing as you can get some very cheap clicks on there. If you laser target your keywords you can get a good ROI even with as little as $5 - $10 in adspend and they don't mind affiliate marketers.
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  • Advertise where most of your prospects are likely to be. There are no ads for wedding dresses in a sports publication or sports broadcast for a good reason. It's the same online. Doesn't matter how much it costs, if there was a market for wedding dresses on a national TV football broadcast, you'd see them even though it would be more expensive than on the nightly news.

    You may also be confusing the term budget with cost (per click), I'm not sure. I know many people do. Your budget is the total money you have to spend, say $100. The CPC is the cost for each click you actually pay. If you choose a network just because the CPC is lower, you may spend $100 for no returns because it may not be where your prospects are. It will just take longer to spend your $100.

    Google is a good place to start because a large percentage of people use it. Bing is also good because most of the rest who don't use Google use Bing. If you use Ma And Pa's search engine, yes the CPC may be much, much lower but nobody uses it so it will take a long time to make a sale.
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    what are you promoting? what is your goal? we may be able to help.
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    Do You want just traffic or targeted traffic?
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    I agreed with the posters who said you're wasting your time pursuing "free traffic."

    You have to look at Opportunity Cost. If your time is worth a certain amount of money (and we hope it is), the time you spend doing any other task is costing you at LEAST what your time is worth. If you charge $30 per hour, spending 3 hours generating "free" traffic is costing you $90.

    But you also have to spend a certain amount of your time for trial and error and testing, regardless of if you're generating traffic using paid ads, or focusing on driving organic traffic.

    What many consider "cheap traffic is often times bot traffic (fake clicks) or traffic that won't convert for what you're offering it (i.e. certain RON traffic, redirect traffic, spammy search engines, low volume platforms etc). The term "you get what you pay for" is usually true when it comes to paying for traffic.

    Do what you're best at NOW. If you're good at generating free traffic using a certain method, keep doing that while figuring out what to do next. Focus on ONE traffic source or traffic generation method and test, test, test and then test some more.

    Then see where that leads you...

    Bing Ads is a good place to test offers and get clicks for less than $1 each, sometimes much less, but you have to get the fundamentals down.
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    I suggest you go with Google AdWords and Facebook marketing. As you know most people in this world use Google and spend their time in Facebook.
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      I would recommend for beginners to start in Bing Ads because FB and Google Ads are more difficult to master and have some specificities, so you need to fine tune your marketing before going to google, FB or youtube.

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    Hello to all ,i am trying to get also in the investment teritory to test how it works . I am plan to promote affiliate offers from clickbank or warriorplus ,what converts best with this ? Thanks
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      You can build a landing page for the offers and promote them on bing or other pay per click network. You will definitely see some conversions.But this is not a full proof method of affiliate product promotion.

      The best way is to invest your money in building a blog for that niche, and promote the products in it. Then you direct your paid traffic to that blog. Have some of them subscribe to the blog and others subscribe to the email newsletter that you've set up.

      This way you will be able to keep promoting to the visitors that you got from paid traffic and make money from them repeatedly.
      Get Your Facebook ad, Google ad, Solo ad, Landing page copy and Sales copy written for you by Fiverr Ad Writing Specialist
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        I referred Bing because it is a training ground for people who are starting to advertise with that kind of system, but if you are experienced or have the knowledge, youtube and google ads are the best bets.

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    I would suggest you to go for Targeted Facebook ads.
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    Originally Posted by spartan14 View Post

    Hello I spend the majority of my time with free traffic but in my opinion it's not worth it
    Free traffic has not existed for many years. Its a myth perpetuated mostly in IM circles. For example I recently read someone claim SEO was free traffic but such an idea does not exist for white hat SEOers and the hundreds of thousands of businesses that pay for it each year.

    White hat SEO is pretty expensive but in its defense it brings traffic two ways - direct through the links from real sites with traffic and from increased rank on Google.

    To answer your question - it all depends on your niche. I am seeing excellent results with facebook but its highly dependent on niche and how well a niche fits alongside the social nature of FB.

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    Organic or free traffic takes time to get results and Yes it is depends a lot n the strategies you are implementing and standard of your website.

    It will be always a topic of debate that which is most suitable and economic practice to get traffic i.e. organic or inorganic one.

    I prefer to start with the combination of both the techniques. It is also depends on the company where you are taking services from. There are plenty of clients which were got benefited by the services.
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    Hi, which vertical are you intending to promote ?
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    I used this sources Bing, 7search, fb video ads, youtube ads, native ads.
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    Consider buying Solo Ads in your niche. It's a fast traffic method.. Get some front end sales to cover your cost and build your email list to get follow-up sales. Share good contents and establish relationship with your subscribers rather than selling. Perseverance is needed and results will crawl in overtime.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    You are search low budget paid traffic then used of below channel Like :
    Facebook ads ... Remarketing
    Google Ads : PPC, GDN and Remarekting
    Email Marketing with opt-in Data
    Affiliate marketing as per sale, CPV, CPM, Click or CPA, CPT
    Content Marketing is best way for user Engagement and Traffic... Tie-up with influance ...
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    The inexpensive marketing is the inbound marketing like Social Media Engagement, Email Marketing, Blogs, Document Sharing, Webinars etc
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