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Hello peeps,

When I am doing my keyword research on Bing, I come across medium to low traffic keywords that do not have a suggested bid amount. Does that mean I can bid as low as 0.05 on that keyword and will it show within the top 3 positions?

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  • No, it means that they don't have enough data to show you and that any calculation would be meaningless. Suggested bid amounts are just that: a suggestion. Nothing is ever static in PPC advertising and there are many variables that affect what you pay. Best thing is run a campaign and see what comes out. Adjust as needed and by that I don't mean adjust your bids, improve your campaign to get better quality which keeps your costs in check.
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    The bid amount actually depend on competitor bid amount, And the point to bate competitor.
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    The best thing you can do would be to choose the keyword that doesn't show a bid amount and choose a low bid. Then let it run for a couple of days. If you get no impressions, you know the bid is too low and it's time to raise it.

    Often times, Bing will suggest you increase the bid to get traffic, and they'll recommend the CPC to bid (not that you should use their recommended bid, but you have options).

    Here's what I do when I find a keyword that's relevant to my offer. I'll go to and type that keyword into the search box, then see what appears.

    If I don't see any ads appear, chances are my ad wouldn't show on that page either, or if it does, it won't bring me any sales or leads.
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