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Hi everyone,
I have already done 2 pre sell squeeze landing pages.

I would love to hear your experience after you moved from direct linking to a landing page with the same product.
I have got 3 subscriptions so far and I'm very excited.
Still, I'm stressed like hell because costs are ticking away.
Only one sale but far from going plus on ROI.

Appreciate to hear your story.
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    No one else will have the same experience as you, even with the same landing page, offer and keywords. That being said, it's best to just run tests.

    You'll never know what adding a landing page can do to your campaign until you test it.

    First, you want to make sure you have enough traffic/clicks to your offer first. If you got 1 conversions from, let's say, 20 clicks, it's best to not expect the same results going forward. The conversion may be a fluke and you may not get any more for 80 more clicks.

    That's just hypothetical, not saying you won't get more conversions, but let your campaign run and get another conversion or two before spending more time and money on another variable to test.

    Because if costs are already ticking away, they will be even higher once you introduce a landing page into the mix.

    Why is that? Because you'll not only need to run traffic to the landing page, but also to the direct link as well. Testing both at the same time is how you find the "winner."
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