What is your biggest struggle with Facebook Ads?

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Hey guys
What is your biggest struggle with Facebook Ads?
For me it was writing the ad copy.

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    Audience targeting is your biggest problem. If you have a good offer which solves a common problem your copy is not that important. Your image should attract attention.
    But if your ad is not being shown to the right people you're going nowhere.
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      Brand yourself and be active, dude, working on your promotion.

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    I don't find any struggle with FB ads. It's easy to target and budget friendly. I'm getting tons of traffic from it. But you should be a little clever for maximum benefit.
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      So tell us how to be clever then Vsingh
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        Instead of running random ads for getting clicks, promote your facebook page. Once you have good number of likes on FB page, you can easily start getting traffic from it. Otherwise, having direct click from ads might be expensive.
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          Thanks V, I kind of agree with you. But likes on your page are a very mixed bag generally. All sorts of random people like things for very random reasons. I certainly wouldn't call them targeted.
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      How much progress have you made with your FB ads? Numbers help create a better image
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    For me It just Text on Image and Facebook use to say your ads will not perform better.
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      According to Facebook Ad policy (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/) you can't use an image with more than 20% of the text. If you are using an image against ad policies, it won't get approved & it won't get you much reach.
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    For me its the learning process as i am just starting out .And a little scare to not loose this money without good results
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      You have to work towards good results, so you have to kind of expect to lose a little money. Its worth the investment because it will play off in the long run. You can also look towards building free traffic. I suggest learning how to build a free following before paying because you'll learn the basics and you can build a foundation for more traffic.
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    i don' t know any struggle in Facebook . it's depend on Facebook authority. how must cost need per ads or traffic and location.
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    I'm using Facebook audience insights & google trends to target the correct audience when promoting a product or an offer.

    If you're using an advanced strategy, let me know

    And the things is with conversions, it's not enough as I expected
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    I am of the opinion that you can sell anything on Facebook; If you let Facebook do it's job. I just follow the numbers.

    If you think you could use better audiences start by creating lookalikes of everything and simply testing.

    Page Fans US 1% Lookalike
    Page Fans UK 1% Lookalike
    Page Fans AU 1% Lookalike
    Video Views 95% US 1%
    Video Views 95% UK 1%
    Video Views 95% AU 1%
    Video Views 75% US 1%
    Video Views 75% UK 1%
    Video Views 75% AU 1%
    Website Traffic US 1%
    Website Traffic UK 1%
    Website Traffic AU 1%
    Email List US 1%
    Customer List US 1%
    View Content US 1%
    Completed Registration US 1%

    You can literally create 100 new audiences in about 10 minutes using the Ads Manager, so that's what I would do were I looking for better audiences.

    Good luck!
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    Hello Kobi,

    Frankly speaking we are getting clicks but not conversion from Facebook Ads. For me this is biggest problem.

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