Adwords life time ban, any updates in 2017?

by KainH
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Hi warriors.

I'm one of the victim of Adwords mass life time banned in early 2010s. Main reason was direct affiliate just like many others. I have to accept that I was new and not carefully enough selecting those affiliate sites. I've already ask them to reactivated my account twice, but got rejected both. I guess they don't like some of the affiliate sites I promoted.

Since then I didn't try to create any new account. I wasn't begging google. I won't change my name for it. I just shifted most of my budget to Bing and Facebook. Few years later, I started using an agency to run my tiny budget Adwords campaign instead of myself. It was to promote my family business.

The campaign run smoothly for years. Then, one day I got an access to that account the agency created for me. I found out that they use MY name, address, credit card, ALL OF MY PERSONAL INFORMATION in that Adwords account!

Seriously? The reason I used an agency because I myself was banned. The only value of the agency is to not using my name, but they use it. Now, I'm thinking why should I pay for the agency fees.

Maybe I can create a new account and not getting banned?

Anyone gone through this? Any advice? Thanks!
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    Hi KainH,

    Why fix what ain't broken?

    Odds are the agency is saving you a lot more money than the cost of their management fees. If not you might try switching agencies.

    You are going to lose the benefit of diverse campaign management experience, advanced level tools, Marketing analysis, analytic tools, and reporting systems. While you would save the cost of the agency fee by dropping the agency, there might not be any savings at all once you replace all the systems and tools the agency is currently using to manage campaigns on your behalf.

    Also, there is the value of all your time that will be lost to managing your own campaigns to consider.

    Of course no one knows your personal situation better than you yourself, so consider all the pros and cons before you decide. Just don't count on saving any money by eliminating your agency. You might, however it is also possible that after increases in other costs, combined with potential losses in performance, you end up losing instead of gaining.


    Don Burk
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