I want to promote a CPA dating offer with a paid campaign, which platform is best?

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Can I promote via facebook and bing ads PPC?
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    You've asked a very general questions - so you'll have some spam and promotional replies.

    Basically whether you CAN promote those offers with Bing and FB is probably in the terms and conditions listed for ads on those sites.

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  • Actually I am Newbie ,that's why my question is very general,
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    You should likely contact your AM to confirm if the offers allow those traffic sources
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    Try to work on Facebook, you just have to set out a great landing page for your offer, and target the right audience you are intending to promote to, but make sure you avoid mistakes, not to get banned! good luck!
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    Firstly make a landing page, and porperly marketing it. You may use ppc on clickbank or clicksure
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    facebook does not allowed you to post affiliate like in FB ads, and they can ban your account. better to try a landing page. used leads pages and create a landing page for your offers and then promote your lead page URL. or if have tight budget then try weebly or wix to create a free landing page for your offers and then promote it via FB ads or bing ads.
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