The Beginning of My Journey of Joy and Sorrow as a Newbie with PPC & Overall IM Experience.

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First of all - Hi everyone! This would be my first post on Warrior Forum and after some time of going through quite a few pages of reading one after the other topics in Mobile Marketing, PPC/SEM and other forum threads I did come across one guy who shared his journey through Bing PPC and though it is a wonderful idea for Sharing & Learning. So I hope you guys reading it through will be able to if not have a good laugh then at least give me a small push to a better direction.
A little bit about my experience so far if you don't mind, if you do - jump down where paragraph starts with brackets [It's here] somewhere there down below.
So, I come across IM out of being completely obsessed with idea to not work for anyone but for my-self and after spending all my time on self-development and learning about IM down below I share a beginning of my journey from $0/day to where ever it will take me. (Don't get your hopes up yet - it's still $0/day.. I'm working on it!).
Well... it would be wrong to say that PPC is my first IM experience - it's not. I first did a launch jacking campaign for software selling platform with JV zoo via JV notify pro. Completely unsuccessful, as I wasn't even sure what I was doing apart from building a website, getting backlinks for $ and placing my affiliate links within my review page.
I had some people visiting it and probably around 5 clicks in total leading to vendors' page that JV Zoo accounted for, but none sales happened and as I was not aware of anything else apart from what I've already done I just left it like that. Well what can I say.. I was hyped on this huge idea of IM making money quick, haha...
Also just recently done few CPI campaigns with mobile game app installs with Doberman media but that was unsuccessful again as I am not sure what I am doing - again, even though I was advertising through LeadBolt and was able to receive clicks (1289 impressions, 119 clicks and no conversions because of network KPI requirements like Day 2 retention rates >15% etc.) not a huge loss, only <$10 but was a great test to see what it feels like.
I also started a small blog just to see if Amazon & eBay affiliate programs would bring me something from SEO but yet out of 4 review articles for products and 1 review for CB (ClickBank) product - nothing happened. Just recently figured out that GTMetrix was showing unbelievable results in terms of loading time (40s+ lol) and after spending some time with few plugins I've managed to drop it to 2.8- 3.6s. Right after that google analytics started to indicate some activity via direct links 20+ visits a day (that's now for three days in a row) so yeah... Looks not too bad...
I'm trying to post like 1 review a week, reviewing popular products with optimized keywords (product names, equipment descriptions, item specification terms etc..) so that cracking now slowly in a good way. Also am doing blog associated twitter feed etc. Now I have 580+ followers with silly strategy but hey - you got to start somewhere I suppose..
I come across WF very recently and though that it would be a great place to start actually looking deeper into these IM ropes as you guys refer to. So I did decent reading through the forum and saved the important links especially the ones containing posts from Don Burk, lucidwebmarketing, mguinto and other helpful Warriors in terms of PPC ad optimization, segmentation, grouping etc. - Great stuff!
[It's Here] So before coming to WF, I've managed to do some more reading and got myself into adult supplement product niche.
I probably would call this whole jumping around thing as finding what works for me I suppose...? Might not be the wisest thing to do but here I am.
So I registered with a supplement network which no man heard of, called - Crocmint and started a campaign at Juicyads via banners and cheap clicks - $0.01-0.045/click.
Not knowing (Again!) What I was doing but sure knowing what I was hoping for (the obvious sale...) I spent $50 and received quite a few impressions and clicks.
Juicyads display - 348k impressions and 1600+ clicks with CTR 0.47%. However... Considering that not all of those clicks might've been legitimate, Crocmint only indicated 711 clicks - no sales though and that's where I've stopped my campaign and told myself... Go and read WF as much as you will need until you will come up with ideas.
What I had was a bit silly actually... All those clicks received and not even a single lead generated... How would it be different you may ask, which is obvious now - I had no Landing page... So what else did I hoped for?
Now I've changed my strategy a bit as I still have some cash left for this adult campaign.
I've created a quick opt-in landing page which provides customer with two options. He may put in his name and email for an x% off his purchase or he can continue to vendors' website with no damage.
I will launch it in next few days as it sure makes sense as ads are generating clicks so according to general belief - if it's not the LP then it's the offer.
Soon I will know.
Sorry for the long introductory post. Promise next ones will be shorter and more specific.
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