Facebook lead gen for financial planners - capture lead immediately, or educate?

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I have a lead gen related question for anyone with experience there.

I'm thinking of focusing on getting clients in the financial planning niche. In the past I have done Facebook PPC for personal projects but the lead quality felt poor. So I'm hoping to fix that.

Between these 2 lead capture methods, what tends to work better for financial/local lead gen?

1. Immediate lead capture landing page that offers free report (my thought is, we capture the lead fast before it dies out)
2. Email capture page > free report is sent > offer in free report directs prospect to fill a lead capture form.

On the back of both of those I would probably drip information that extends the report's core info in helpful ways.

Thanks for any tips
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    Are you sure that the problem concerns the report quality?

    In my experience, i use leadpages for a lead capture form, than report is sent automatically by leadpages and then i check it via mail, if they have red it, and THEN

    i use AUTOMATIONS in email marketing to ensure that every lead has its own path to what they desire most.

    In any case, lead in facebook ads for financial niche has become oversaturated, i heard that Facebook now imposes a lot of restrictions for that niche.

    I suggest you use Google Adwords FOR DISPLAY: so you can put your not fancy banner in front of people already interested, they are navigating in blogs etc about that niche.

    Take care of not building a fancy banner, but use a simple one with written words, so you can bettere make the difference with others and not appear like a spammer.
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