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Hi guys!

Recently I launched Lead Generation ads for one VoIP Business in my country, I made a really good audience of 50.000 people, targeting is very thin, estimated daily reach which was calculated by facebook is somewhere between 400-1500 people. Targeted FB Newsfeed + Instagram Newsfeed. Have 2 promo-pictures(Adverts) which both are working in the same Ads Set.

I made a creative a photo with almost no text, checked it with the Facebook Text Tool - pic was good to go.

Then I set up my budget to $3.33 and manual bidding to $5.5( est. average CPM cost for my audience is $5.5). * Note, the facebook doesn't spend all my budget, even on first day.

I launched my campaign and for 2 days it was rocking, reached close to 1000 people, THEN suddenly on the next day without any reason it just dropped from 400-500 people per day to 40-50 per day! And I can't understand why!

I checked everything from my audience, to my bidding strategy it looked good! Then I decided to change my bidding strategy from Manual to Automatic - Waited for 24 hours, it didn't work either! Got 40 people reached on 4th day.

Here I decided to relaunch my Ads Set, cloned everything, waited for approval and relaunched. What do you think? In just 4 hours I reached 200 people! That was yesterday.

Today I got rolled back again! and it's more than 15 hours since midnight and I got only 60 people reached!

What the hell should I do here to solve this problem?

One of the guys who I know, adviced me to use Video instead of the Static Picture, it can increase my reach dramatically. What do you think about this?

Possibly, the problem is in those 2 pictures(adverts) that I use for one Ads Set? Maybe, I need to delete one of them and leave only 1?

What can be wrong with my campaign guys? Please advice!

Waiting for your reply!

Kind Regards,
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    Hey there, what's your campaign objetive? and coud you tell me what's your specific goal with your campaign? (leads, clicks, sales) I'll do my best to help

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