Need accurate information about CPC of each keyword!

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Dear Friends,

As much as I have checked CPC via Google Keyword Planner tool, ahrefs, Keywords everywhere, Long tail pro; each tool gives a different value for Keyword CPC. I am really confused!

Can you tell me please, which CPC result is the most accurate and I have to depend on it?

Thanks in advance
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  • This question belongs in the PPC section, not SEO.

    But to answer it, there really is no accurate number. You need to understand that all these show estimates, even Google's number. That's because the auction is not static, everything constantly changes. That includes your ad quality as well as that of competitors and this affects what each pays. Your competitors aren't even the same from auction to auction. You must therefore see the bid estimate, CPC or whatever they call it as a guide only, not an absolute.
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      Ops! Sorry for wrong posting.

      Thanks for helping me to understand it.
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    The CPC that are shown have different values because they are all estimates and depend on demand. Individual CPC for keywords can also differ for each advertiser depending on the quality score(historically and current performance) at the keyword, ad and even account level. Our recommendation is to focus your attention on improving your quality score.
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