81% ROI on Day 1 of FB Advertising. Here is how I'm doing it.

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So I finally pushed past my break-even point and am finally showing a PROFIT on Day 1 of my ads.

Here is my latest strategy.

Campaign 1 = COLD Traffic (Post Engagement)
This cold audience is purely LOOKALIKE audiences and is always a 30-45s VIDEO.

The idea is to get as many 75%+ Video Views which I will then re-target with blog posts on my website.

Campaign 2 = WARM traffic (Linked Images)
This goes to those who viewed 75%+ of the videos in campaign 1 & to those who engaged with the posts.

Campaign 3 = WARMER traffic (Conversions)
(those who visited my blog or visited product pages) + 95% VV & Post Engagements

This campaign is ONLY for Offers and Sales and is where I make all of my money back.

I do sometimes get Completed Registrations in Campaign 1 and 2, but MOST come from Campaign 3.

The key is to use SHORT videos for the COLD traffic.

This allows you to build a very big warm-audience, which is MUCH cheaper to target and of course Conversion rates increase dramatically with the warmer audience.

I hope this helps!
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  • Beautifully explained.

    Im guessing you are using retargetting

    You can also add another campign, lookalike audience
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      Thanks Mohammed!

      Yes I use lookalike audiences as well, but this case-study is for beginners staring at a blank slate so I do not cover lookalike audiences.

      I have performed a full walk-through of the entire process and broken it down to 14 steps.

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