Whats your budget for Facebook testing?

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i own two funeral homes. we just started marketing pre need funerals. families can come to our office, select service options and merchandise. we provide a cost. they fund that cost usually with a life insurance policy. you may know the term final expense or burial insurance etc.

in any event, our funeral home is well established with pretty decent following on our social page. standard engagement close to 1500 solid likes from our immediate community. not much but compared to most its significant.

i have a decent ad created with decent headlines and clear call to actions but im not sure if i should what i should spend money on, should i spend 100 bucks boosting a post or 100 bucks in promoting a business locally with a "send message" call to action?

i think for 100 bucks, or 5 days at 20 a day, my ad can reach 1.8k-5k if i promote local business
not sure how i would stretch if i spend 100 bucks and boosted one post...

this is just to test. if you have your ad, copy, niche, medium etc...what would you budget just to test the ad with a facebook business page? the end play is to get leads for people that want to pre fund their funeral.
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    I've gotten great results with a $15 buy

    It all depends on how you set up targeting

    There's a shortcut: find proven buyers of your type of product/service and copy their profile to target
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    Hey Roscoe4

    I 100% agree with writeaway.

    The amount of money really doesn't matter - what matters is how targeted and how effective your ad campaigns are.

    Just to be safe, I think $50 would be more than enough to suffice.

    I hope this helps out!

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    I would promote the business locally with a testing budget of $10 day.

    Each ad would target only one interest and I would have 5 ads running at one time.

    I would keep the winners, cut the losers and scale!

    Best of luck...
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  • You need to have a conversion system first, some call it funnel.

    OR this is new ish now Facebook bots. (so you build your bot subscriber list)

    Either way build a list.

    Do NOT focus on building your page likes, Facebook does not allow you to reach your followers anymore (maybe 4%) but thats it.

    In terms of your question.

    3 ads at $5 a day


    1. Image Ad
    2. Video Ad
    3. PPE ad

    But this must goto a funnel otherwise you will waste 95% of your budget.
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