Tracking Keyword Conversions With Maxbounty, ClickMagik and BingAds

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This is driving me insane lol.

I (obviously) need to track which keywords are generating sales/leads but I
just can't figure it out.



Traffic source:

How on earth do I see which keywords are generating sales/leads?

I tried posting my clickmagick global postback URL into the callback code area on Maxbounty, nothing.

Had #S2# as my subid. Tried creating a goal in Bing with the link to my clickmagick tracking link as destination URL and inserted Bing's conversion goal tracking in CM's pixel area. Nothing.

Entered /{KeyWord} at the end of my destination url..nothing.

Would love some help with this!

Thanks in advance,

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    Optimizing the keyword is the most required part for any of the website. If you want to optimize your keywords correctly them us the ahref(dot)com this is best keyword mapping tool ever i use.
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    I only use ahref(dot)com . Very good.
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    1. When you added your MaxBounty link to ClickMagik, did you add &s2=[clickid] at the end of the URL?

    2. When you added the global postback URL to MaxBounty, did you select URL for the Default Callback type?

    3. Have you tried putting the destination URL in the Final URL of your ad instead of creating a goal?

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    Fetch The PostBack URL
    1. Click on the gear alongside any ClickMagick Link and select Track Conversions from the dropdown.
    2. Then scroll down the page until you see the section title Conversion Tracking Method #2: Postback URL.
    3. Copy the Global Postback URL for Tracking Sales.
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    you have to pass these values over Im not familiar with ClickMagick but with most trackers you should be able to pass values to their subids - will be discussing this next week as well
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