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Has anyone had success using LinkedIn Ads PPC? Is it a better option than Bing Ads and Google Adwords? Where can you get a coupon code to try it out?
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    I like more Google Adwords.
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    It's hard to say it's a better option. It depends on your target market. I find LinkedIn Ads more useful to reach my target audience.
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    I've found LinkedIn ads to be very expensive.

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      I am agree with Jamestt89 Linkedin is expensive but advantage is you can target industry, company size, Relevant groups and designation.
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    All - Linkedin, Google an Bing have got their own importance - depending upon your services and target market - you should decide which is the best platform for you.

    You can directly talk to their support team for Coupon Code.

    Good luck.

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    I think linked is a kind professional social media and linked in PPC is only use for B2B business process and target people on there Designation, profile, But Google adwords we can use any small business and use overall Network.
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    LinkedIn obviously lends itself well to targeting occupations, but if you know your audience well enough and that persona is very developed, you can use the business targeting for a B2C play. For example, Nissan is an active B2C brand advertiser on LinkedIn.

    A slightly different B2C use-case is when other channels cost more than a click on LinkedIn. For example, some clicks on AdWords can be > $125 so paying $7 per click on LinkedIn, while not as targeted, could be seen as getting a huge discount.

    Conversion rates can be lower with LinkedIn as you pay less for that traffic. If you can make the targeting work for you, I highly recommend it.
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    LinkedIn is very expensive for PPC, but does target specific industries better than other sites. But as with google ads, when you first start out its trial and error, which with LinkedIn can be expensive.

    I prefer Google Adwords, cheaper and easier to control.
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      Yes Google Adwords is easy but Linked In give you an opportunity to select your target Audience, In Google Adwords we can not select Destination, But Linked In we can target Those people we want.
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    I spend $1000. and I failed like a CHAMP. I will love to see cases of smart uses of Linkedin PPC...
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  • All about your target and the way you cpature, nuture and close. And how you present your business.
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      oh, really?! ))))
      Thanks, Captain Obvious.
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    If you are able to find best of your target audience than linked in is good otherwise PPC is always great option.
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    Never found any major success using Linkedin PPC platform. I have yet to see proven case studies by people in regards to Linkedin ads. It's honestly tough running ads on Linkedin as the cpc might be high but you wont get a lot of options in terms of the niche you can promote.
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