Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of a retargetting campaign?

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Would it be smart to try to tell a story using a sequence of ads, or is that getting too clever?

My goal is to attract B2B clients in a certain industry by the way.
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    Hi Delta223,

    Yes, it is smart, and no, it isn't "getting too clever". It is a more sophisticated strategy that most advanced marketing and advertisers have used for decades. It is often referred to as full funnel marketing.

    A traditional marketing funnel is designed around the AIDA model.

    Attention (& Awareness)
    Desire ( aka Decision)

    Every customer goes through these distinct phases as they become aware, then interested. Interest then leads to desire, which then leads to action. All four stages can occur within the length of a single web browsing session, but more often then not it occurs over days, weeks or even months.

    Using a strategy that specifically targets an audience with dedicated campaigns for each stage of the marketing funnel can be very effective. If you are using this strategy against a competitor that is only targeting the bottom of the funnel you will have a distinct advantage over that competitor.

    The full funnel strategy will get more people entering your marketing funnel at the top, and middle funnel stages, so you have more prospective customers at the bottom of the funnel where conversions take place. Also, since you are advertising to a previous visitor/viewer of your message, you have a warmer perspective customer than you would have if this was the first time your prospective customer even heard of you, or your website.

    End result, bigger audience hears you message, (greater reach) many will hear it multiple times. And, higher conversion rates because customers will be more familiar with your brand.

    Here's an excellent article on using a full funnel digital marketing strategy:
    The CMO's Guide To Full Funnel Digital Marketing | Adgo


    Don Burk
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  • Story telling is one of the best ways to close sales.

    Mix it up a bit, blog posts, videos, resources stories etc...

    Check Digitalmarketer they know how to do retargeting properly
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