Google Adwords Suddenly Not Serving Brand Keyword Ads

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I recently have noticed that Google is not serving ads on my top brand terms. Over the last two weeks my colleagues and I have done dozens of searches, only to be served only organic listings. When I hover over my keywords AdWords says "they are not sure why" my ads are not serving. When I called support the woman explained to me that Adwords will routinely stop serving ads and only serve organic on brands that they feel people would prefer the organic experience. This makes no sense to me, and in my over 6+ years of running paid ads I have never heard of this type of situation. She reassured me that they "daily" have these types of situations with marketers.

Has anyone else experienced this type of situation with their brand terms? If so, how did you adjust your marketing strategy for it?

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    Hi searchmarketer6,

    Yes, I have heard of this type of situation. For example the Walmart team reportedly panicked when they noticed that ads were no longer being served when they type their brand name into Google at the corporate headquarters.

    Turns out that if an area performs a lot of searches on a term but never clicks the ads, Google will stop displaying those ads in that location.

    Once you get outside your own location, where people are likely to click the ads they probably will show. You can confirm this simply by looking at the data in your account. I suppose it would be possible that if nobody ever clicked your ads in any location then Google will stop displaying the ads everywhere.

    By the way, you shouldn't be checking your ads frequently using Google search, there's a tool for that:


    Don Burk
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    another reason to blend SEO with PPC

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