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Just starting out with Adwords and I want to understand the conversion tracking codes.

1. Do you have to insert global site tag and an event snippet on our website for the conversion tracking to work? All I want to do is track opt - ins and sales generated to start with so have created two goals for these under event (click option not page load)

2. I do not really understand the purpose of this global tag? Do you only need to install the global site tag once per account, even if you're tracking multiple actions/goals?

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks if you can.
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    Hi Moneyland,

    The Global Site Tag is a brand new tag that Google just introduced, not only for AdWords, But Google Analytics, and for other Google related services. The reason they introduced this new tag is because of the latest Safari Browser technology that prevents accurate tracking using the standard 3rd party tracking tags.

    The Global Site Tag should be placed on all pages of your website, especially if you are not using Google Analytics and have already linked your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account. If you have Auto Tagging enabled and you have linked your Google Analytics to Your AdWords account you can safely skip adding the Global Site Tag as those 2 tags together will allow you to accurately track conversions without using a 1st party tracking tag.

    A third option is to use Google Tag Manager to implement Your AdWords Conversion Tracking Tag along with the new Conversion Linker tag.

    To answer both of your questions: (1 & 2) You need to use one of those 3 methods to be able to accurately track conversions for Apple Safari Browser users.

    Since you are tracking events, I recommend that you go with the Google Tag Manager option of implementing your AdWords Conversion tracking tag (and utilize the new Conversion Linker Tag). GTM makes setting up tracking for events a breeze.


    Don Burk
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