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Hello Warriors,

I've just launched a new sales funnel, offering bespoke meal plans within the weight loss market. Specifically, I'm focussing on the Mediterranean diet to start.

My PPC adverts have been running for four days on Bing but I've yet to make a sale (but that's OK, for now). I've tried to refine the keywords and adverts to make them more relevant to the offer but am a little stuck as to what to focus on next.

Below is a summary of my metrics. Are there any glaringly obvious issues here? What would you focus on if it were your funnel?

P.S. It's worth noting that I am starting from scratch here. I am building a new audience rather than marketing to an existing one so understand I need to build trust. It's also worth noting that the sales page is targetted at men, something I'm considering changing to be gender neutral.

Sales funnel overview
  • PPC advert (Bing) - CTR ~2%, CPC ~0.4
  • Opt-in page (free sample meal plan) - Converts at ~20%
  • Thank-you page (with link to sales page)
  • Five part email series (Deliver the gift, My "Aha" story, Introduce offer, Provide testimonials, Limited time offer -30%) - Open rate starts ~65%, drops to ~40% by third email, drops again to ~20% by fourth/fifth email
  • Sales page - 130+ views, ~3% CTR to checkout
  • Checkout - only 4 views, 0 conversions

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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    So the funnel falls down at every stage. That's inevitable. Things don't work perfectly out of the gate...marketers don't like to tell you this, but it's the truth. Even if you get conversion right away, there's always room for improvement.

    Traffic quality and conversion ability are your two areas to look at.

    Seems like traffic is OK for now: an opt-in converting at 20% is something to be happy with. You can test later, sending 75% of traffic to the existing and 25% to a new page to split test.

    Conversion...130 views of the sales page is a start but you definitely want more. You could get 2 sales on visits 139 and 140; we don't know. And that would totally change your numbers.

    So I wouldn't panic yet but here's what I would think about:

    1. How well does the sales page match up to the pain points of the opted-in leads?

    First stab at sales copy is often a guess, especially if the writer was going from their own experience or what the product creator told them...instead of finding out what the market actually believes.

    A survey in the opening of your sequence, with the gift probably, would be a good idea. Find out their values, what they believe is important about their diet and how they put their meals together.

    2. How strong is the offer?

    Does the target market believe it's as great an offer as you think it is?

    3. Are you giving them reasons to come back to the sales page, continue to look forward to your emails, change their thinking about the nature of the problem and give you another chance to sell?

    After emails #2 and #3, they may well feel there's nothing more to be gained by paying attention to you. They already got the gift, they've seen the offer, and for whatever reason (should find out what that is; maybe another email at the end asking them why they didn't buy? If they tell you "too expensive" or "don't have the money" you need to work on the value build in the copy) they have rejected the offer. Trying to get them to look at it again in the current frame is not going to work, no matter how many attempts you give them.

    Feel free to PM me the page or post it here and I'll take a look.
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    1. You need to split test in earnest at every point in your funnel.
    2. You need more than a 5 part series. My suggestion is that you run an open-ended mailing list. Publish a blog post every day by another author. You only need to find 5 authors and republish them Mon-Fri. Post the article on your WP site, or on a subdomain and also send the article to your list, full push, no click bait. In between content emails you can promote your site and you can promote anything you want. Don't go to all that trouble to get email addresses then lose them.
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      Thanks Peter, I like the idea of republishing. Content writing does not come naturally to me yet so that'd help to build and maintain a relationship with my email list.

      Split testing is also something I plan to do more of too. I've different versions of the opt-in page and adverts running so the sales page is the next logical step.
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    Originally Posted by Liam Smith View Post

    [*]Thank-you page (with link to sales page)
    I would not put a ty-page there. One step (click) to much.
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      Will give it a try. I added the thank-you page to try boost email open rates but it does seem to have reduced visits to the sales page. Thanks Daniel
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  • You need to install the Bing Ad Intelligence Tool for your Excel spreadsheet program (2008+) and run it against your keywords so you can see which ones you don't need to waste money on.
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      I'll take a look, thanks Michael. I'd not heard of this before
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      • Yup - its been around since 2014. According to Bing Ads themselves: "Bing Ads Intelligence is a powerful keyword planning tool that allows you to build and expand on your keyword lists using the familiar Microsoft Office Excel interface. It enables you to easily research keywords and gauge their performance on the Bing Network, and then apply those insights to improve your keyword selection and campaign performance."
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    You need a more long funnell

    Dont expect conversion in days. You have to think in long term.

    Sell converion in thank you page is a gift, you have to consider it as a partial rembursement of your budget.

    These numbers does not sound bad, but you have to implement a funnel of at least 6 months.
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      Yep, always chasing a quick buck! You're right. I need to think beyond my 5-email autoresponder...
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