Do you recommend me to create a new campaign if most of my keywords have low quality score?

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Hi, Most of my keywords have 2 - 4 of quality score. I was advertisement for 2 years. Do you recommend me to create a new campaign? Because my history is bad and maybe i could start again, thanks!

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    Hi heartdragon,

    Your account history is not erased by creating a new campaign.

    You should create a new campaign if it makes sense to do so.

    Sounds like you may have major issues with your account structure, and/or poorly written ad creatives. Account structure issues can often be resolved by creating new, better structured ad groups. Whether you do that within an existing campaign, or start over with a new campaign should be based on what you find easiest for you.

    You need to figure out what is wrong with your ads, Your poor Quality Scores are forcing you to pay a very high premium for ad slots in the ad auctions.

    You need your ads to be very specific if you want great performance. Highly specific ads begin with a granular account structure. If you have a lot of dissimilar keywords within an ad group you are not able to write ads that contain highly specific messages for every single keyword within your ad group.

    You need to split keywords that do not share the exact precise intent, or language, into separate ad groups, so that you can craft a more specific ad message that perfectly matches the intent of every keyword within the ad group. General messages just wont work well at all.


    Don Burk
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    Hi heartdragon,

    I agree with "dburk", as creating a new campaign won't spike up your quality score. Rather you should look for improving the quality score of your keywords. Since you have been struggling with quality score, you should work on the relevancy of your keywords, ad copies, and most important of your landing page.
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    First check your add quality, landing pages, what you are telling in the title then user click on your ad after that redirected to different irrelevant page. Then if everything is ok, then check account structure. Generally adwords follows top to bottom approaches from campaign, then ad groups, then ad and then keywords. But First we choose keywords first, then create ad then ad group then campaign in notebook then implement it.
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    I am also agree with "dburk", it really doesn't matter if you create new
    campaign, your history doesn't erase.
    Properly structure your campaign try to optimize the campaign by selecting and grouping relevant keywords in each adgroup. Quality score will be increased by having relevancy in landing page, keywords, and ad copies you write. More the quality score, higher will be the ad rank and more probability of getting clicks on the ads.
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    Yeah.. I also agree with burk. Quality score mostly depends on 2 factors.. your bid and ads quality. Work on it and optimize the current campaign.
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