FB Ads which of these 3 is the best strategy?

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice for you wise and talented folk...

I've just gone freelance as a digital marketer. Currently I have a Facebook business page without any followers.

I'm looking for more clients through Facebook ads. My plan is to offer free consultations / custom marketing plan to try and convert new customers. I have 3 different approaches and wanted feedback on. They are:

1) Follow the 80% / 20% rule and for now just focus on entertaining or interesting content and wait until I have a bank of content before I launch an ad.

2) Dive straight in launch a simple, direct single image FB lead ad offering a free no obligation custom marketing plan over a 15 minute Skype call.

3) Make a video ad, (FB lead ad again) around 60 seconds long which solves a potential client's pain problem and then put a call to action at the end offering a 15 minute free Skype call to help build a custom marketing plan for that client.

If all of these ideas sound stupid and you have some better thoughts, please let me know!

Thanks in advance guys.
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    80/20 rule
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    Forget facebook for a moment... WHO are you targeting? Answering WHO will dictate the best channel to reach those people. Yes Facebook may be the best route, but there are cases there are other social platforms that may be better.

    Back to facebook... You really don't want to start running ads from a blank acct. You need to throw up some content over a week or 2 targeting your WHO.. use facebook groups to share the content.. have your mom or who ever follow your page to get a few followers and then once the base is set THEN start in with the paid ads.

    Best of Luck
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    You need to get a little traction on your page before you do any marketing.

    Here's what I do with all my new Facebook pages.

    Put 8-10 posts on the page. I visit a few of competitor pages and share some good general posts to my page. I also create about 5 posts myself.

    Once I have the posts I run a like campaign. Here's the important part. In the audience section of ads manager, I choose Worldwide. then I REMOVE United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. I want the cheapest likes possible to just build up some traction fast. The main English speaking countries are the most expensive so delete them in the beginning.

    Once I have about 5000 likes which usually costs about $50-$80 I will pause the ad or change the audience to United States Only. If I want to target another country like Canada I will duplicate the ad and set the audience to only Canada.

    The point of this like campaign is only to get those likes on my page and build some social proof that is all. I'm not interested in trying to turn these likes into leads or customer.

    Once you have a base of likes you can start posting more content and try to build some engagement. Boost some posts and get some more social proof. After another 10 posts with some interaction on them you can start working in some lead generation ads and begin your marketing strategy.

    I've found this strategy works well for giving my pages a kickstart at the beginning.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.
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      Wow. Thanks BradKasten! Really appreciate this. Lots of useful and actionable advice there.

      I'm guessing the kind of image you would use for this would be something positive and generic e.g. "like if you love Fridays" or whatever.

      Is there a risk of the ad being targeted at none English speaking countries though and them not being able to read your message or your image if it contains text?

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        You're welcome Elena,

        Yes, for my like ad I use something positive, inspirational and universal like a great success quote I find on Google images.

        I don't worry about non-English speaking countries at all. I always get a lot of likes and they're usually about one or two cents each. Just remember to remove the countries I mentioned.

        You can set your budget as low as $1.00 a day up to $20.00 a day. It just depends on how fast you want to build up your likes. At $5.00 a day I averaged about 300 likes a day.

        I hope you get awesome results.
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      Very excellent reply.
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      Good answer!! you should consider this!!
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  • Savidge4 said it: who is your ideal client and where are they? You say you are a digital marketer. Obviously you want to target those wanting and needing help with digital marketing. That would be mostly businesses presumably. Are they on Facebook? Maybe you want to focus only on those wishing to market on Facebook in which case FB is a logical place to start but not the only one.
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    Start with 80/20 rule
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    Start with 80/20 rule.
    There are also other websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram from where you can get leads.
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    The Facebook ideas are good but do you have a list?

    I mean by sharing good content focalize on building a list then upload it on facebook to display ads on lookalike audience of that list.

    Try to think of giving free 3 times more of what the other ask to pay for it
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    No need to wait! Dive right in!

    I've begun generating leads and sales with pages that had 0-100 likes.

    People don't notice that as much as you think.

    They are focus on your content, and if it is good enough all else is in the background.

    Here is my strategy that works very very well.

    1. Video Ad w link to your landing page
    2. Conversions Ad (using an image) sending people who viewed 95% of your video right back to the landing page

    With the first Ad (video views) you will want to watch the metric for 95% video views.

    The idea is to get it down to .001c for a view to 95%

    I've only gotten this down to .003 which yields me an audience of over 30,000 with only $100 bucks.

    The idea is to continually grow this warm audience (viewed 95%+) and continually market to this warm audience.

    Works for me and all those I teach.

    Give it a shot.

    Good luck!
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