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Hi Guys,

I just need help I am doing PPC for my client and my client budget in $300 per day but he want maximum $2 cpc and Adword keyword tool suggestion is $5 to $8.

Can you please suggest me now what should I have to do?
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  • He is the client so you should follow his instructions. Clients have a tendency to get pissed when you don't or when things don't go as well as they'd like. So only thing you can do is build the highest quality campaign you can.

    You could educate your clients and tell them that a $2 bid when the going rate is $8 is going to severely restrict the times ads are shown, even if you manage a 10 QS. That may be what they have in mind anyway, a "let's see what happens first" which is fine. I'd wait and see the results before telling them that increasing bids is the way to go. After all, the suggestion is for the bids, not the actual CPC, and based on average quality. Get a feel first of how good your initial campaign will be and the cost, then advise the client on what should be done with bids and budgets based on the data you have.
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