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Morning Warriors,

I wanted to get some feedback:

The Boss is prepared to spend whatever it takes to increase Traffic from Adwords. Any higher level tips on setting up an Adwords campaign with unlimited funds. I have limited experience with Adwords, but told him that success is not all about budget but includes quality score, etc.

Any tips? ...other than hiring a pro =)

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  • Well, you got one thing right, it's not about budget.

    I've run a couple times into the "spend all this budget" type client. The problem is that it was way over what could be expected. The numbers did not add up, when a campaign is done properly. It's about attracting quality traffic, not just any traffic which is what a client's argument might be: bid on keywords that are not relevant.

    An unlimited budget is good, especially at first, since it allows more freedom and a chance to experiment a bit more. But in the end, the goal is to get quality traffic that generates sales at a preferred ROI, not spend a budget.
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      Good point about experimenting and then optimizing.

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    This is a common issue... It is really best to test the waters before jumping in. You can get a report within 24hrs. Then they will provide you recommended solutions and make the changes for you if need be.

    This service allows you to do just that. Link Here
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    The takeaway lesson should be this - Test, Test and more test till you get 10x the returns. With unlimited budget, you have the freedom to test various ad formats and ad copy. Split test mercilessly and you will find a winner in the end.

    But, I have heard that nowadays the ROI of Facebook ads are higher than Adwords in certain niches. Since you have unlimited funds, you can try FB ads and see whether your company niche falls under that category.

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      We are focused on Adwords for now...Good point about the split testing

      thank you!
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    I think you want perfect originally targeted traffic for your business,so make an idea for target keywords and hire an service that will make powerful PA, DA of your domain.

    Spending on google adwords is a good idea but it is temporary, when campaign ends traffic ends.You should hire SEO service that will make PA 40-50 and DA minimum 40, as well as local citation flow.
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    Hi nailsinhim,

    In AdWords account management terms, an "Unlimited Budget" is not the same thing as "unlimited funds". The term "unlimited budget" means that the ad spend is not restricted to a particular budget limit, instead the ad spend is optimized for a particular goal, such as maximum profitability, or targeted growth rates.

    It is a well documented fact that budget restricted accounts, or campaigns, are less efficient than using an unlimited budget. For maximum performance your ad spend should be controlled by optimized bid management, and arbitrary budget restrictions make that impossible.

    Budget restricted campaigns prevent you from spending the optimal amount to maximize profits, or other specific goals. You must dedicate extra resources to finding optimal performance for an arbitrarily budget. More time must be spent determining which "profitable" ad groups must be limited, and which shouldn't be limited to achieve top performance within that arbitrary budget restriction. That means conceding profits to your competitor, just so that you can meet an arbitrary growth restriction.

    There are valid use cases for a budget restricted account, for example, if a business has reached, or nearly reached, full capacity, a budget restriction to limit growth makes sense. Another scenario, is when a business is winding down, or preparing to be sold, you may have a valid case for using budget restrictions.

    When a campaign is brand new and not yet optimized for profitability it makes sense to set a specific limit on ad spend budgets to avoid a significant loss that might drain the companies resources. Outside of those special situations it is only harming your companies ability to grow if you set an arbitrary budget limitation. Unlimited budgets are the general recommended method for reaching maximum performance in your AdWords campaigns.

    Again, for emphasis, "unlimited budgets" doesn't mean "unlimited funds", in AdWords parlance, it means optimized budgets controlled by bidding optimizations for maximum performance, rather than performance limiting arbitrary budget restrictions.


    Don Burk
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    Thanks Don. They have unlimited funds, BTW.
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    Try to invest some budget in Social Media Marketing / Ads

    - Make Strategy before you go for it
    - Run ads on Facebook
    - Go for the SEO
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