My very first Facebook ad has no clicks. I am looking for help to troubleshoot the ad.

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Hi everyone,

I recently made my first Facebook ad. It got no clicks. I need help to improve it. I'm not experienced with Facebook ads. I'm learning by doing.

I am a freelance content writer. The goal for the attic is to get people to sign up to receive a free blog in exchange for giving me their post, in exchange for giving me their email and contact info.

I am targeting local businesses within a 30 mile radius of my home. I live right outside of St. Louis. So, I have a lot of businesses to work with.

I am trying to target potential decision-makers at small to medium-sized companies

Here are the demographics I am targeting:
women and men age 35-65+ who list himself as small business owners.

Detailed targeting-must match one of the following:
interest: event creators and blogs
interest: digital marketing

must also match one of the following job titles
digital marketing strategies
director of sales and marketing
marketing communications manager
marketing consultant
marketing coordinator

Here is the desktop image of my ad

Here is the mobile version of my ad

it occurs to me that I may have acquired my audience to be small business owners as well as meeting one of the other sets of demographics. This may be way too strict of a limitation

The ad has a reach of 78 and has accumulated 325 impressions. This seems low. It is probably due to the limitations I mentioned above. However, I'm interested in any advice you all may have to offer.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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    A reach of 78 is very-very low indeed (unless the budget was only $1)

    What was the budget of the ad?
    What kind of ad did you run?


    For the 1st ad you do not want to get laser-targeted.

    I would run the ad to the St. Lois Area, then let the data dictate your next move.

    I sent you a direct message. Feel free to reply if you'd like some help with this.
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