Interested in Bing PPC - Possible to start low budget?

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I'm not scared to lose a few hundred quids, as I know that's always going to my education towards ppc. That being said, I'm curious to know if it's possible to go for low payout paying offers to direct link through bing, meaning that I'll have to be paying less for the initial testing and information that I'll be collecting if that makes sense.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but how I'm thinking about all this is like most of the time you'll be paying high for high pay out offers because of their high cpc keywords, resulting in a requirement of a higher budget for data collection during the early times of the campaign. Comparatively, if you choose a low paying offer, you'll have a better chance of learning in terms of what you spend which won't be that much high as compared to the high paying offer.

I'm sorry if I made it sound so complicated. I literally got so interested a year ago after reading SolarWarrior's two posts on bing, never got it right tho imo. My biggest fear right now is that I don't lose all I have or perhaps more that what I can afford in starting out in PPC.
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