A Fool-Proof FB marketing strategy - 4 Ads - $1 each (to start)

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Hey fellas I am back with a more thorough FB marketing strategy that I'd like you to try.

My market is SPORTS - Coaching
I sell - Digital Video Training
My channel of traffic is - FACEBOOK

Ad #1 = 30 Second Video
Ad #2 = 2-3 Minute Video with Link to Full-Price product
Ad #3 = VALUE (blog post/page/article etc.) [you will need to have your FB pixel on the page]
Ad #4 = FREE OFFER for even more advanced training --> Link to your Landing Page

My Ad Spend on Day #1 is usually about $13, and as I go getting results I go upping the adspend.

Here are results of Day 1, and if you'd like to watch the day by day Case-Study feel free to PM me to join (not free).

Here are the requirements to move through the FB funnel

Ad #1 goes to a COLD audience (I prefer lookalikes)
Ad #2 goes to ONLY those who finished 95% of video in ad#1 (because if they didnt finish a 30s video, they are NOT going to buy from you)
Ad #3 goes to only those who viewed 25%+ of video in ad#2
Ad#4 goes only to those who CLICKED and actually visited your website.

Most leads & sales will come through ad#4, but you can expect results from the others as well.

I hope this helps!

What is the budget for the ads?

for every


Good luck!
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    Hi sprinthurdles,

    Thanks for posting this strategy. It seems well thought out, and based on the screenshot it looks like it is producing very good results. I have been using a similar strategy with excellent results, however I point to our special offer in each step of the funnel so that anytime an audience member wants to take action they can get straight to it.

    You have inspired me to test a few new twists in strategy to see how results might vary.

    How do you scale it up?

    Do you simply create additional ad sets with similar ads targeting the same landing pages, or do you increase your ad budget?

    Don Burk
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      Scaling is very complicated but here is the most important step

      If adset = 1 Purchase,
      duplicate to $5 lifetime budget (rest of day)


      Today I did my typical $1 adsets.
      The first to give me a purchase was duplicated to $5 for the rest of the day.
      Every other to give me a purchase was also duplicated the same.

      If the lifetime budget makes a few sales, I....


      Good luck Don Burk!
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