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Hi, we have a prospective client who only has 600 to 700 emails in her email autoresponder. We are considering doing a lookalike audience, but all I've ever known is you need 1,000 emails.
Will it work with only 600+ emails?
Thanks in advance.

I just found the answer:
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    i think the minimum i ever try is 500, so it should be fine
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    Obviously, the more of them there are, the better. There is no set number that is agreed upon. I wouldn't consider a lookalike audience until I had at least 100 emails but would prefer at least 1,000. 600-700 is a pretty decent amount, so it should work fine.

    Perhaps more important than the number in the lookalike sample is the targeting. Sure, your ads will be shown to more people the higher your target percentage is, but as that number goes up, conversions generally go down. We set up five target groups: 1%, 2% ... 5% and then closely monitor the numbers, raising the daily spend for ones that have a positive ROI and lowering the bids on ones that do not (before eventually eliminating them).
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    According to Facebook, the minimum source audience size is 100 people. However, do note that the more people you are able to upload to Facebook, the more people Facebook is going to be able to find that look like the list you uploaded.

    More is definitely better in this case.
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