Facebook Ads reporting: is ts possible to analyse the clients data besides age and gender?

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Hi! I'm Carlos. We have a social Startup that sells an educational toy

We have the Facebook pixel installed, so we can know how many customers have bought our product and ratios of age and gender.

However we have not found any way or tool to analyse any other data like 43% of our customers like soccer or 30% studied a PhD.

Is there a way or tool (free or paid) to know the interests and other data of our customers? So far, the only solution we have found, is analysing it with Google Analytics, but the interest data it gives sucks (or maybe we don't know how to use it properly).


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    You have posted a similar question before - but no one has answered so maybe this time....

    I'm not a FB expert but I will say if buying a toy online revealed my level of education, interests, 'and other data' to the seller....I would stop buying online.

    In the past, when I wanted to know more about my customers - I asked them. I guess I'm old school.

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      Thanks for honest answer! It sounds a little bit aggressive to me, but I like brutal honestly anyway.

      The question you're referring was how to analyse who clicked in my Ad. Your answer seem to be a reply to the old question, not this one. I mean, this time I'm asking for ratios, not analysing each customer individually. So thanks for answering my old question: probably it's not possible because of a privacy reason.

      Anyway, Facebook and Google are free (their main tools) because the collect each single piece of action the users do. That's why some people don't use Facebook and Google. Personally, I don't care much about my privacy. I guess because I try to be transparent. But I'm becoming too philosophic, so I stop here xD

      Following the example, I could ask them if they like soccer, but I still won't know if they said that on Facebook. Also, I have to guess the interests of my customers which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid by seeing the data
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