How accurate is SEmRush trafic cost ?

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I am brand new on this forum, I came here to find answers related to SEMRush trafic cost calculations.

Here is my blog :, visitors are all from

SemRush is expecting 5.1K (5100 ?) vistors on my blog next 30 days, although my Google analytics shows 45 000 last 31 days... So this is one non-accurate data.

However SemRush says that this 5.1 K trafic, would cost 10.9 K USD per month.

Shall I understand that brining 5 100 visitors with my keywords would cost 10 900 USD per month ?

Yet as my trafic is really 45 000 visits (9 times SemRush's figure), shall I understand that it would cost 9 times more this figure to get the same trafic as mine ?

At the end and upon your experience, is SEmRush really an accurate tool for calculating trafic cost ? Are there others ?

Thanks in advanced .
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    Following. This is what I am wondering. I asked some people but I haven't got any reasonable answer.
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    Everything in spy tools like SEMRush is an estimate. They obviously don't have a special connection with Google where they are told how much a CPC is, or how much traffic is available for a particular keyword. They give you a good idea about your competition and the approx. cpc, but it can't be relied on as a hard fact.

    The only way to actually know is to run traffic to your site and find out.
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