I have a book for sale, can i use PPC to start making sales?

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Hey guys, I created a book for people suffering from a specific problem.

I have a blog around that subject but it just takes so much time to do SEO organically and would like to start making sales now.

I am new to PPC ad's and want to know if I could use them to start making money selling my book as soon as possible?

Any pointers?
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  • Hello,
    Yes, sometimes it takes a lot of time for organic to take effect. Even when your website gets a good rank in organic search the paid ads will stay above it.

    The only way to beat that is to start advertising.

    I suggest you start investing small amounts in Google Adwords in order to get to first positions when people search for something related to your book.

    You can try Facebook fan page and Facebook ads to make a small community of followers.

    If you are interested of these types of advertising I would be happy to send you more information. Just let me know
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    Yes, go with the Google AdWords and Bing Adcenter. It works for you.
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    Hi you can make money with PPC immediately.

    All depends on quality of product, landin page, competition, ads, keywords . . . . .

    I would recommend to make squeze page and redirect visitors to your high quality squeze page to grab emails.

    Then I would focus to create follow up series.

    Make 2-3 squeze page to test.
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    Hi Jake,

    I would list and sell your eBook on Amazon and try Facebook ads, but target only people that could benefit from buying your eBook and like other have said use Google Ad Words.

    I wish you much success!

    Watch My Video To Learn How You Can Do It Starting Today
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    buying traffic and converting it to sales is a science. i would spend some time looking at ebook marketing, ebook landing pages etc etc etc well before I could consider spending a dime. under the best of circumstances, you're going to lose money as you learn, without knowing anything going in, you'll lose a lot more.
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    Go with the Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Marketing to smart selling. I use Google AdWords and Facebook Business marketing tools since 2013, these are the best in ROI.
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    Yes you can.
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    Hi Jake, sure you can generate sales much sooner with paid traffic.
    Only do your research. Seems like your audience is well defined, as you say they have a specific problem.
    Go and find out where you can best reach this audience. Maybe they look for a solution in google, then adwords is a good traffic source.
    But maybe they rather join forums and discuss their problem there. maybe they're in reddit. Maybe you need to find the secret facebook group ... In some niches you will do best to send email traffic, others work best using video and therefore youtube ads are great.
    Hell, you can even buy spotify audio ads nowadays.

    The point is, don't go headfirst for the next best paid traffic solution just to "speed things up".
    Don't set up tons of adword ads just because this was the first solution came to your head.

    Do your research and decide what traffic source works best. Or else the learning curve will be steep and you'll have to invest a ton of money upfront to get anything moving at all.

    Plus, think about a way to capture leads (email opt-in, retargeting) so you can reuse the traffic you are paying for. And put some kind of funnel into place to guide your visitors from being just curious to being buyers.

    Look at what others in your niche are doing. And then do it better
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    Sure Jake ,

    You can get started with fb Ads. It's less expensive and a good source for quality targeted traffic.

    Build a list of targeted leads in your niche with fb Ads.

    Offer them a Free report in exchange of their email address, then building relationships with your list my giving them excellent value free content thereby making you an authorized expert in your niche.

    Then start recommending your products to them and you'll surely succeed.
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    Long story short - you can use PPC but it may not make sense.

    PPC is a game of numbers. It is relatively expensive and therefore suited for high ticket products or high customer lifetime value.

    Do the math. Let's say that you're paying $1 per click and that 3 out of 100 people are buying from people. This means that you're paying $33 for every sale. If your book is $19.97, you're losing money with every purchase.

    If you can make the numbers work, yes. Even if you lose money on the front-end, if you have a product on the back-end, then you can break even or make a profit. Without clear metrics like cost per click, conversion rate, cost of front-end and back-end product, refund rate, etc, it is difficult to make an estimate of your profitability.

    Best regards,
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    Look into adwords. You do have to pay for it but it does help get faster results. PPC does help a lot. Have you looked into bing?
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    It's definitely possible, just spend time trying to find the best keywords.
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    If you want to sell your book fast, you should start PPC ads and to gain more visitors you can do social media marketing like facebook ads. Apart from this you should sell your book through amazon, goodreaders.
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    Originally Posted by Jake Green View Post

    Hey guys, I created a book for people suffering from a specific problem.

    I have a blog around that subject but it just takes so much time to do SEO organically and would like to start making sales now.

    I am new to PPC ad's and want to know if I could use them to start making money selling my book as soon as possible?

    Any pointers?
    You are right. Getting organic traffic is real difficult job for getting leads regularly. Bing and adwords work but do a proper split testing to check your ROI.
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    Just divide your money into some paid media such as Googel Adwords, Bing, FB etc.. then step by step start. from where you are getting you good leads, start more investment in it
    Also make a blog to aware about it.
    start contest on social media and give small prize
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