Best paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers?

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I'm in search of paid traffic sites with real traffic that converts. I've tested many providers in the past including Revisitors, MaxVisits, Traffic-Masters and so on but none of them resulted in any conversion. The offers i tested were from different verticals.

Tier 1 networks like adwords, fb are not affiliate friendly. I experimented with Bing but it proved out to be expensive with little ROI.

Is ExpressVisits any good?
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  • Have you try ClickFunnels?
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    I don't know a lot about ad networks, but I know a lot about how hard it is to get traffic to convert.
    Usually it's not the traffic source alone that "doesn't convert"
    It's also about how you use the traffic, how you set up the lead flow.

    I buy a lot of solo ads, and it took me about four months to figure out how to best get conversions, both on my squeeze pages and for offers.
    If you can't get conversions but others can then it's you and not the traffic source that is the weak link in the chain.

    Bing for one is proven to be a goldmine - if you know how to do it, if your offers is right and you optimize your campaigns.

    You can't just put up a few ads, send them to offers or even landing pages and then to offers and expect to make good ROI all at once. It just doesn't happen that way.
    Winning campaigns are always made through testing, collecting data and optimizing.
    Pick a traffic source, stick with it and try to figure it out.
    Don't go jumping from one site to another.
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